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    Default Serena Williams hottest player at the open.

    same liberal jerks who think MR Sow Obama is hot!! Just notice its the Australian version of yahoo. my god man don't they have any taste???

    I left a comment. I normally don't. Seems my comment is now gone.
    Price the Niggers out, liberal gentrification tactic that works.

    Support Planned Parenthood it been giving capital punishment to millions of future criminals in America.

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    Rupaul plays tennis? I didnt know that.

    COCHRAN, DAIONDRIA J (DOB 04/22/1993)
    Held in custody of Montgomery County Jail with booking number 1503694 on 02/27/2015 at 5:34 PM. theft, assault on police, criminal damaging, obstructing justice, escape, trafficking illegal substance

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    Just a nappy-headed ho as far as I am concerned.

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    Have you seen Sowbrina and Penis Gorilliams' boyfriends? They look like gay oil drillers.

    homo pelli nigra >

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    Feral beast.
    - Basil Robinson - Safari Hunter Extraordinaire.

    Niggers are the event horizon of a black hole. No light can escape them.



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