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    Default Chimpout at McDonalds - Free drinks for all Niggers and Niglets

    Yesterday I went to the local McDonalds with a friend and while waiting for our food we saw a typical Chimpout scene.

    What the sheboon at McDonald's looked like...well they all look the same.

    As we were waiting for our order an ugly sheboon was in McDonalds with her brood of niglets. The sheboon looked ridiculous and typical with purple black skin and a blonde straight hair wig. She was slovenly walking around in her flip flops in a sleeveless summer dress. She and her brood had already received their meal when her niglets went up to the counter and asked for small free water cups. The water cups are only for water. Well you can guess what happened. The niglets, instead of getting water, proceeded in getting free soda, a sugary red punch drink that McDonald serves. The sheboon was watching as her niglets were getting free soda with the customary free water cups.

    Suddenly the McDonald’s shift manager, who looked like a Filipina girl, with a stern look said to the niglets that the cups were for water not for soda. She told them that they would have to pay for soda cups if they wanted soda…well the sheboon acted as if the shift manager had called her niglets the n-word cuz the sheboon started cussing an fussing in front of the humans sitting and enjoying their dinner. The Filipina manager was unfazed to the rants of the sheboon and gave a look like ‘don’t fuck with me nigger”.

    Later the sheboon got up and went to counter and complained that they got her order wrong. That she wanted a cheeseburger without pickle and such…to no avail.

    My friend is a frequent visitor to that McDonalds and told me every time he is there that the nigger bucks would walk in with big empty cups from 7/11 or some other fast food place and walk up to the soda machine stationed to the side and fill up their cups with free soda. He said it never fails and happens every time he is there. He said usually there are Illegals working the registers and just watch with narrowed eyes and disgusted looks on their faces when this happens. They usually don’t say anything because they don’t want a chimpout confrontation with these uncivilized beasts. But he says he sees it every time he goes inside the McDonalds and sometimes has seen it happen several times in one visit.

    You cannot keep a soda machine dispenser out in the open around niggers. The soda dispensers have to be behind the counter or the nigger will always try to take advantage. There is usually an honor system to this …and as we know to darn well…niggers don’t have one drop of honor in their whole stinkin’ bodies.

    Free drinks for all Niggas at Micky D's
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    Default dude

    I see you are new to C.O. so I wont be billing you for my new laptop.
    you see what happened was while I was enjoying my breakfast I opened your thread and saw the pic of the hideous she rilla and FUCKING PUKED ALL OVER SAID LAPTOP.

    thanks a lot.

    here is a little helpful hint for you......



    that is all.

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    is that one of the gorilla sister? lol they all so ugly and look alike i can't tell .
    Price the Niggers out, liberal gentrification tactic that works.

    Support Planned Parenthood it been giving capital punishment to millions of future criminals in America.

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    And it sat still for you to take a pic?

    One would expect it to try to slap the camera/phone from your hand, or at the very least,
    be caught screeching on the pic "watchoo tayggin mah pikchur fo, muhfuggah?"

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    Hey man.. I gotta go make another pot of coffee cause I just puked the last one all over my computer screen... How about a little warning next time...


    Thanks a lot....
    "there ain't nothing pleasant bout being fucked in the ass..." - Luther Spells, 2009

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    Is that the sherilla? How did it hold still long enough without attacking you?

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    This is an obvious mistake - giving moon crickets access to anything that dispenses. I'm sure there are other ways McDownlows loses money. I'd bet Jane Goodall could help as a consultant finding ways to save on these losses.



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