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    Default Why Is africa Such An Uncivilized Cesspool?

    Murder, Rape, Starvation, Disease, Poverty
    And Full-Blown Tribal Warfare.

    Could it be the Fact that mostly niggers inhabit
    this continent? And niggers control it?

    Just look at the south side of Chicago, niggers
    almost exclusively inhabit that 'continent' also.
    They Murder, Rape are STD Ridden And engage in
    Tribal Warfare. But the Taxpayer has spared them
    from Poverty And Starvation. No nigger in America is
    living in absolute Poverty, nor is any nigger
    living in starvation. If you disagree with me,
    Show Me These niggers!

    I am a working man, and the Fact is, most niggers
    have more toys and have more money to spend
    on food than I do. Thanks to us.

    And this pisses me off beyond comprehension!

    Niggers are a lost liberal cause. They will never evolve beyond nigger.
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    Niggers Are Only 13% Of The Population,
    Yet Are Responsible For 51% Of All Homicides
    Occuring In The United States

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    There are too many loops in the welfare system. If a nigger is on welfare, they should be made to pick-up trash along the road sides or mow grass, shovel snow, whatever. Never, should a buck or she-boon be aloud to sit at home watching 'Springer' and eating pork rinds while 'da white man' works to pay their way.



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