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Thread: I'm curious..

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    Default I'm curious..

    What is the agenda behind the media pushing this white guilt onto the masses? Everyone here tells their story day in, day out, but I want to know what you actually think is going on here? Why do they promote race mixing between white people and black/brown people? Why do they only reveal white on black crime? Why is black culture being pushed on everyone through the idiot box?
    Who is behind all of this..and most importantly..what do you think their agenda is? I dont want answers like 'because white people have done them harm in the past', thats not the reason. Why don't we hear that the first Australians werent Aboriginal. That the Aboriginals actually migrated from Sri Lanka 4000 years ago, and wiped out the previous population, who, if you research Mungo Man, have proved not to be Aboriginals. Why don't we hear that the 'Stolen Generation' was a sham and that the English settlers did not try to harm the 'indigenous' people, but were actually trying to take the kids away from the Elders, who in their culture, believed it was ok to rape 3 year old children.
    Why do we not hear about the REAL indigenous people of North America. A population that travelled along the ice caps from Europe? Unique daggers were found in the Americas dating back to before the American Indians were even there. A weapon that has only been found around france at around the same time.
    Why are they hiding this from everyone? As I said, it can't be because of the white guilt because 'white guilt' wouldnt have existed if the truth that I have just mentioned, had been general knowledge.
    Anyone have answers.. Or even know what I'm talking about? Lol

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    The agenda at the top of the liberal food chain is political.

    The informed, independent thinking white male will not vote for a democrat.

    As a result, the democrats want more minorities in the country(amnesty), and they want white culture to be dumbed down so that more whites fall into the plight of nigger culture and either don't vote or vote democrat because their nigger and libtard friends told them too.

    This is also why democrats lie about how white women are so mistreated in this country, when in reality, they live probably live the most luxurious lives in the entire world as a group.

    If anything, they're worse off since women's lib.

    Before women's lib, they had real value and were the keystone to the family.

    Now, they're generally viewed as cum receptacles, have lower self esteem and self worth, and are gullible enough to vote for a democrat like ONigger because he's an "oppressed minority" just like they supposedly are.

    It's an all out political assault by democrats to increase their base.

    The democrats in the middle or bottom of the chain don't actually realize that they're just useful idiots for people like the Clintons or the Obamas, and as a result, they simply parrot the MSNBC and CNN talking points about race.

    They're being used on the front lines of a propaganda campaign.

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    they do not promote interracial dating between brown and white races , at least not in the EU. I have never seen it. I don't even think brown ,asian or arab people would like too date outside of their race. I think most people (niggers excluded) would like to marry someone of their own race. Its the disgusting negroid only who is willing to date other races exclusively. Especially the male nigger with white women. This is the only combination I have seen in the media so far. Never ever have I seen Indian , Arab , Asian or other race-mixing in the media.Only the nigger/white combination. You know we are proud of our heritage and happy with ourselves. We have beautiful women ourselves and no desperate need for any racemixing. We don't care for it. Personally I dont think racemixing between humans is bad or evil , but I do respect if someone wants to stick with his own kind.

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    The media and ruling elite push race mixing because it's really easy to control a bunch of mixed race morons. They are hoping to make us into another Brazil.
    If you notice, the ruling elites aren't race mixing they are just forcing it on everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Igger View Post
    The media and ruling elite push race mixing because it's really easy to control a bunch of mixed race morons. They are hoping to make us into another Brazil.
    If you notice, the ruling elites aren't race mixing they are just forcing it on everyone else.
    Just like obamacare... and income taxes...
    "there ain't nothing pleasant bout being fucked in the ass..." - Luther Spells, 2009

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    Justin Igger. I'm very pleased someone got this. I'm guessing you know which country is not being forced into multiculturalism and bans niggers from donating blood.

    Indian Hate. Theyre not pushing race mixing?
    Forcing mass immigration, making the white male a pansy by pushing feminism, pink shirts and skinny jeans onto them so white women go for masculine black men that can protect them, filling hollywood movies with interacial couples with everyone around them accepting of it, glorifying the strong black 'sexy' man. Sounds very much like forcing race mixing on everybody to me. Maybe the people you associate with are switched on but Europe is a cesspool at the moment. Majority of them are libtards. Germany have the 'Nazi guilt' so the people there do everything in their power to put on this Antifa persona, because nothing's worse then being called a racist. I won't even get started on the rest of Europe or I'll be here for hours.

    Tyrese. I think it goes a bit more beyond democracy but I agree with the points you made entirely.
    Democracy is just a mask for a communist regime and unfortunately its promoting this psuedo 'equality' spill. Everyone is equal, everyone is brown and no one can think for themselves. While the intelligent, white elite are in control.

    The world is a joke at the moment. I'm just so glad that I found this site. Now I can see just how many people out there haven't bought into the brainwashing propaganda that fills the air. Makes me real happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by natehiggers467 View Post

    Oppressed groups like gays often side with blacks, for instance.

    How do I know this? For one thing, I as a youth fell for it.
    Absolutely agree 100%!!

    Have you noticed that the epitome of all these oppressed groups are all white people.

    We stole niggers land. We used niggers as slaves. We stole the American Indians land. We stole the Australian Aboriginies land. We stole the Mauri's land. Our religion is against homosexuals. We are against the Jews. We are racist to the minorities. We commit white on black crime...the list goes on.

    No one takes into account that, American Indian tribes wiped out other American Indian tribes. Sames goes for every other minority and pretty much every civilisation since the dawn of time. Other religions are against homosexuality, but thats ok because theyre black/brown/Asian. Jews have banned ethiopean Jews from donating blood in israel. Niggers commit 400x more rapes in America than whites. Not to mention their crime against whites are through the roof. Since 1994, thousands of white farmers in South Africa have been slaughted in front of their families for being white..by blacks..
    Lets not talk about this though because we don't want to sound like uneducated bigots!! Facists! Racists!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrese View Post
    The agenda at the top of the liberal food chain is political.

    This is also why democrats lie about how white women are so mistreated in this country, when in reality, they live probably live the most luxurious lives in the entire world as a group.

    If anything, they're worse off since women's lib.

    Before women's lib, they had real value and were the keystone to the family.
    I agree and I've had other women get pissed at me for saying this. My husband and I recently had a conversation about how man-bashing and devaluing traditional roles is acceptable since the 60's-70's. Watching my granddaughter's soccer coach is what made me think about this recently. The girls are divided by age so there's about 10 YT coaches and 10 assistant YT coaches on the field--all donating their time for these girls and their teams without any personal gain.

    I am not one of those women who cries easily but last week I was sitting in the grass, watching my granddaughter's coach working with the girls, getting down on his knees to be at their eye level, being firm but encouraging. I don't understand what came over me but I was suddenly overcome with emotion by the sacrifices and dedication of these coaches and I just starting crying. I was so embarrassed. I walked away and went to sit in my car until I could compose myself. How can YT women slam our own men when there are plenty like these coaches?

    I worked outside the home when my oldest children were still young. By the time the two youngest were born, I was at home and have been ever since. I can see the difference between them and the older ones. I try not to dwell on this or feel guilt. Early in our marriage, it was an economic must that I work and there was nothing I could do.

    I am home now raising my granddaughter and I am always telling her that we live like princesses compared to other women. My husband is 60 years old and works 70 hours a week to make this possible. She is living an Ozzie and Harriet lifestyle from the 1950's. I'm here with a snack and help with homework when she gets off the school bus. We cook instead of eating fast food, etc.

    We garden, cook and keep the house up. I had to hem her school uniform pants and she had never seen a needle and thread. She is eight and was totally ignorant of domestic tasks that all females learned at their mama's knees when I was a girl. I am teaching her every domestic skill that I know and to appreciate what my husband does for her.

    One day she came out of the bathroom and remarked that my husband had left the toilet seat up and said that her mom used to yell at her dad for doing that. I told her that her grandfather works 70 hours a week and can therefore do whatever he wants with the toilet seat and we aren't going to complain. LOL

    She is thriving in this environment and learning to respect everyone's contribution to a family . I don't bring this up with other women because the majority of them think I'm crazy or they think I am slamming them or judging them for working. I'm not. Many are in positions where there isn't a choice if they want to keep their house. I get it. I am lucky. We went from wanting to have the choice to work or not to most of us having to work whether we like it or not. I don't like the result and I count my blessings everyday that my husband is willing and able to give me the option to be home and to run a house the way my grandmother did.

    This and the nigger issue have me worried about our future. (BTW, I am sorry to rant on this when it wasn't the actual topic of your post. Please forgive me.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Anthropologist View Post
    Promotion of race mixing:

    As a social scientist I don't see race mixing as occurring as much as we may think it is occurring. I think it seems as though it is occurring more often because we see the results of it publicly. Remember, as recently as only 10 or 20 years ago a white woman getting knocked up by a black was still a source of shame for a white family and the female involved was usually kept hidden if she kept the baby. It took a strong family to acknowledge the child socially but because of internalized racism, those types of families were few and far between. That's not to say there hasn't been an increase in it, there most certainly has been but I don't see it as a problem that's large enough that it will cause the extinction of the Caucasoid race. As for those who do race mix I think it happens because the person has something to prove either to themselves or the world around them or they do it as a form of rebellion against the racial system in which they were raised.

    An interesting note. Someone previously mentioned gays getting in bed with the blacks because of a perceived relationship to being two oppressed peas in a pod. As an out gay man for close to 20 years I can say that is most certainly not true. I have seen more racism from gay men than from heterosexuals. I know many gay men who won't consider dating someone if they've even dated a black man. I have seen more homophobia from the black community than from other racial groups. One only needs to look at the 2008 election in California. Prop 8 was passed because of overwhelming support from the black community. Some political scientists have speculated, based on the numbers, that if Barack Obama was not running for the oval office than Prop 8 would have failed because the number of blacks voting would have been lower.

    White on Black Crime:

    My thoughts on this is that the media only reports on white on black crime because they want to foment sympathy for the "underprivileged, oppressed" black folks. I think it's also a ratings game. Black on black crime and Black on White crime is not really newsworthy because it happens so often. White on black crime though is somewhat rare. Think about it, how often do we hear about a black man who murders his entire family and than kills himself? Not very often...and why don't we hear about it? Because it happens pretty often nationwide. But how often do white men snap and kill everyone in the house and then themselves? Not very often and since it happens a) so rarely and b) as the result of something serious (ie. like during the economic downturn, when many white families were fixin to be on the streets) than it becomes newsworthy because it isn't something that is part of the normal curve of criminality.

    Promotion of Black Culture

    Hmm...this is a hard one. I don't think they are promoting it per se. I think it's more that the kids of today identify with what black culture is promoting and like many things "black" from history (music, ear piercing, dancing, etc), white suburban kids are claiming it for themselves because they think it is cool. While in the past white kids adopting black culture (ie music) was not really damaging to white identity, the crap they are adopting today has become very dangerous to the white identity (ie. knocking up girls than claiming not to be the father or being dead beat dads, gang culture, drugs, thugging, random sex, etc.). I think a lot of this also has to do with the quality of parenting today. Most parents have been taught not to stifle their child's creativity or exploration of identity, so consequentially, when junior starts emulating their favorite rappers mom and dad just ignore it, thinking junior is just going through a phase but not realizing the social impact the rap message is sending.

    The fact thats race mixing isn't as prevelant isnt as much of the issue as the promotion of it and the acceptance of it by the masses. I'm not saying the white race will cease to exist but the numbers will definitely decline in years to come, as you said it is already occuring.

    In regards to the white on black crime. I don't necessarily believe whatever happens the least gets put on there more often. If thats the case then why don't they show the more prevelant black on white crime frequently, and throw in the white on black crime as the shocker story?

    Maybe the homosexuals you are around hate niggers but where I'm from, the gays are libtards. They believe that racism is worse than murder. Although, I do see that niggers hate homosexuals quite frequently. But who really cares what niggers think lol
    I think the person who made that comment is 100%. Using gays was just one example, and I understand that they meant the majority of the oppressed have a common thread, that white people, especially European males, are the enemy, therefore stick together.

    Regarding your comments on black culture. While you say they don't promote black culture, majority of the world are listening to top 40's, filled with niggers singing about sex and popping caps in peoples arses, while big black bootys are twerking all over the tv screen. There are black history months at school throwing false facts to children, increasing their already guilty minds from when they learnt about their own guilt filled history. Having a fake tan is beautiful, whilst being white makes you look sick and withdrawn.
    Yes, it is the white peoples fault for falling for this disgusting culture, but when they are taught to feel guilty from such a young age its hard to break from that. Basically..it's cool because tv said it was cool. If thats not promoting i'm not sure what is.

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    Decent thread, let's try not to take it down the wrong path...
    N.A.A.C.P. = National Association of Always Crying Primates

    NEVER let an opportunity to set-up or frame a nigger go to waste!



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