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    Default Dumb shit niggers say

    Look at these comments. So much TNB, it's hilarious. The girls weren't even being that harsh, they said they didn't hate niggers.

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    I love the fact that they're labeled as "white" when the girl doing most of the talking is clearly not. I find the fact that the girl with glasses made an apology quite distasteful. Why would anyone apologize for telling the truth about niggers?

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    Do you know how brave those girls are for telling the truth? They have so much courage for making that video. Niggers and nigger lovers will never stand the slightest amount of criticism. They absolutely come unhinged when they are called out for TNB. Bravo to those 2 adorable young women.

    Look how the rating is overwhelmingly thumps down. Our society has been brain washed to love niggers. I love the comment, "The quickest way to infuriate black people is to tell the truth". The truth be "rayciss n shiet." I have never had much use for blacks, now I have a white-hot hatred for them. You know why? Because of nigger-loving liberals forcing them on society. The more liberals put niggers on a pedestal, the more I hate them.

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    If my son ever had one of these girls as a girlfriend, she would be welcomed with open arms.

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    Nice rant they made, the only thing I see wrong is that apology video they posted, there's nothing to apologize for - it's all true, the comments speak loud and clear.
    N.A.A.C.P. = National Association of Always Crying Primates

    NEVER let an opportunity to set-up or frame a nigger go to waste!



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