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    Default Niggers on vacation

    i just went on vacation to Branson, Mo. where i grew up late 70's through 80's. My folks owned a motel there in 10 years i only remember 1 nigger family trying to mooch a room for the weekend. My god have things changed 1/2 nigger families every where. I'm not sure wtf was going on I saw white guys with nigger women 1/2 sprogs out the wazoo. When I lived there not even 1 nigger in the whole school. It seemed acceptable to everyone I saw not one snide look of disgust from anyone. Please can someone tell me what is happening.

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    Simon Sinistrari


    Yes. You are witnessing the end of times. (of the USA as we know it) what you will see soon is the rapture. White people will be disappearing everywhere. We will all separate ourselves from the niggers and wiggers and PC assholes and the new 'segregation 2.0' will begin. Let the misguided fuckbrights dance with their rattlesnakes.

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    Try a Disney cruise- we went last year and I only saw one "magic" nigger family on the entire ship. There were some nigger employees, but we were able to mostly avoid these. Our cabin stewardess was a lovely blond from Switzerland and our head waiter has a very handsome Italian. It was expensive, but worth it.



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