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    In a nigger-free environment. Yay!


    I thought the show was totally fake, since I didn't believe such behavior could be real. But I've been told by people who live in Detroit that the niggers really act this way.

    The fact they're more than willing to behave in this fashion- like illiterate savages - for the camera says a lot about them.
    Gorillas everywhere are fed up with being compared to stupid niggers.

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    Sure parts of the show are staged, but if they want a nigger to explode in a cat 5, they just need it to act like itself. There is nothing niggers do on that show that is beyond their daily behavior.

    She-boon goes in with a clearly stolen "gig" netbook, wants hundreds of dollars for her "iPad." Security chief stealing from them. Pygmie sow claims she rolled her old projection TV for two miles to the store, wants hundreds of dollars. She-boon has a cat 5 when they won't giver her a grand for a rabbit fur coat. Buck claims his wife sold his coat earlier that day, wants it back -- no receipt, and they can't sell an item for 30 days anyway. None of these are farfetched. All Chimpers know what niggers are like.
    "You know the world is messed up when the top earning golfer is a nigger, our president is a nigger born in another country, the top pop girl is Justin Bieber, Snowden flees to Hong Kong and Russia to escape our government, and George Zimmerman was put on trial." Yours truly

    soundwave: and then People magazine names a buck-sow "Most Beautiful"!

    Nigger Butthurt Report form, updated for the Zimmerman trial

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    I love Hardcore Pawn. Staged or not, it STILL shows TNB for what it truly is.
    "If I have seen farther than other men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants" - Sir Isaac Newton

    "I thank thee, kynde Sir, mine humours waxeth well this day." - ?

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    I love it too. I DVR the episodes ad scan through to watch the TNB. And the show is one of the things that opened my eyes and brought me to Chimpout.

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    Btw about Joe, the security buck he got 7 years probation for his gibs me dats! Yep he stole all that bling and just probation.

    And he is not the first nigger heard of security. Earlier when the show first started they had a mega huge fat buck named "Robo" Well one day Robo playfully bit one of the sow employees and they shitcanned him for sexual harassment.

    Robo had big fat rolls like Fat Albert and even carried a pistol. He has a bunch of bullet holes scars on his stomach too from when he was younger and someone tried making him good.

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    The owners on Pawn Stars only bother being in the store if there's filming, most of the time they're not even there. If the owner and his family on this show have any sense they'd do the same and use their time spending all that money they've took off niggers. Haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SC Anemia View Post
    Yep that asshole Les needs to wash his hair this year. Effin nasty. It's TRUtv, all thier crap is scripted.
    I call him, "The Jerry Curl Jew".

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    Default Re: Has anyone ever watched Hard Core Pawn?

    Staged or not, fake or not. I don't care. That is EXACTLY how niggers act and talk.



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