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    Default God Hates Niggers

    God Hates Niggers

    The Greek goddess of love, well her name is Aphrodite,
    There's nothing niggers have that they didn't mooch off whitey.

    The Roman god of war, well his name is Mars,
    A nigger’s dream career is selling crack and stealing cars.

    The Greek god of the wild, well his name is Pan,
    Nigs act more like chimpanzees, than anything like man.

    The Roman god of love, well her name is Venus,
    Every thought a nigger has, is driven by his penis.

    The Greek god of the night, well her name is Nyx,
    Niggers love to huff on jenkem. It's how they get their fix.

    The Roman god of doors, well his name is Janus,
    It's with awful shitty rap that niggers try to entertain us.

    The Greek god of music, well his name is Apollo,
    Move your family somewhere nice, and soon the niggers follow.

    The Roman god of love, well his name is Cupid,
    You can't teach a nigger physics 'cause they're way too fucking stupid.

    The Greek goddess of wisdom, well her name is Athena,
    If they cut off EBT, nigger sows would all be leaner.

    The Roman goddess of the rainbow, well her name is Iris,
    If you're sleeping with a nigger, you're gonna catch a virus.

    The Greek god of the dead, well his name is Hades,
    Use the emblem on your hood to target nogs with your Mercedes.

    The Roman god of flowers, well her name is Flora,
    If you lend a nigger money, you're gonna end up poorer.

    The Greek god of the weather, well his name is Zeus,
    Lock your doors and grab your shotgun when a nigger’s on the loose.

    Life is so much better when not burdened by the groid,
    You're defined by those you welcome, and by those whom you avoid.

    Take some sage advice to help you even up the odds,
    Stay away from niggers, and listen to the gods.

    A poem by G.I. JIG

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    Welcome to the USSA, papers please.
    get rid of diversity before diversity gets rid of you. -Someone
    You can take the shitskinned shitdemon out of the jungle but you cant take the shitdemon out of the shitskin -Nigligent

    We sacrificed our freedom for security and we sacrificed our safety for diversity. - Nigligent

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    Quote Originally Posted by G.I. JIG View Post
    God Hates Niggers
    The Greek god of the dead, well his name is Hades,
    Use the emblem on your hood to target nogs with your Mercedes.
    LMAO! Holy crap dude, that was great. I loved the whole thing but that line really made me crack up.
    It's a mad house! A MAD HOUSE!

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    A very truthful poem. Thanks.

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    An excellent start, sir! Welcome aboard.
    "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!" - Taylor

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    Reparation through repatriation!
    -Everyone on Chimpout

    The American government is like unto a spoiled child and its parent citizenry must soon gather to apply the overdue rod.



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