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    Default Niggers knocking on the door

    So my daughter calls me last night all freaked out. They live two towns away from me in a farming area but the downtown of the area has niggers. Since they have been living there they never had an issues until last night.

    Two big bucks and a sow show up on their front porch and knocked on the door. Her husband answers and door and the sow says "come with me my ride if busted down the road", can you come outside and help me?. Her husband says no and they start to get all chimpy and tell them they need to leave and they keep on insisting. Niggers said their house was the only one with the lights on which wasn't true and is the reason they knocked on the door and their broken car was approx. 2 miles away on a street no where near the house. So he says ok let me go grab my gun and I will go with you while his buddy was behind him with his piece already out ready to rock and roll. As soon as he mentioned gun they said nebermind and started running away.

    They called the cops but they were not found. Not sure what monkeyshine these niggers were up to or what they had planned but with my daughter being pregnant I am glad her husband and friends are armed. Cops said it might have been a home invasion or a targeted attack but no one knew these niggers and never seen them before.

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    its a trick to get people to come out and rob them, best thing is sure i'll help, i'll call the cops for you, if they are in need of real help, they would stay. if they are muggers, they'll run.

    this applies to all criminals and real people in need of help.

    A real person who needs help would love to get help from cops or anyone doesn't matter. don't let them inside or anything or leave with them. criminals on the other hand would love to get you outside or get themselves inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate Higgers View Post
    send them the Channon Christian and Chris Newsom story:
    Amen Nate

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    I feel your pain, this began to happen to my family too, shortly after the invasion and infestation of Katrina-displaced niggers came to our town. Exact same story, except the sow was sent to knock on our door WITH A GUNSHOT in her foot, asking for a ride, ect...
    The buck(s) waited in the jigmobile up the road, watching.
    They actually tried 3 times, until my brother and I involved guns, then they took off like rats.
    Told them something to the effect of , "I'm looking for a reason to use this..."

    Tell your family to stay alert, armed, and READY!

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    The best thing to do is not even open the door and tell them you'll call the cops for them. Even if you have a gun, they could start shooting as soon as the door opens and family members could get killed. Damn nigger scum

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    Without a doubt this was a scam to get some TNB going.

    Quote Originally Posted by sicklecell View Post
    The best thing to do is not even open the door and tell them you'll call the cops for them. Even if you have a gun, they could start shooting as soon as the door opens and family members could get killed. Damn nigger scum

    NEVER open the door for anyone you don't know.
    I don't hate niggers. I just feel better when they aren't around.

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    The nice things about all this is she feels the same as I do about niggers and you never trust a nigger ever. Nigger at your porch at 10pm is bad news, hell anytime is bad news but especially at night. They are planning on looking into a alarm system on Monday due to this monkeyshine but I hate the feeling she doesn't feel safe in her own house now. Even though nothing happened, I am not sure what would have happened if they weren't armed or she was home alone. Can't believe the government wants to take away legal weapons from law abiding citizen while these niggers roam the street causing havoc. I am sure none of their guns are legal.

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    Was party to similar chicanery years ago when I was a teenager. I was home alone sick with the flu sometime mid afternoon the doorbell rings. Who might this be? I wonder! I peek out the window from behins the drapes. Surprise its a jig! Very rare in my neighborhood at the time, it was the late 1970s. This jig is up to no good I surmise. So I retreive an antique shotgun. It was a flintlock mid 19th century. Wouldve blown up in my face if I couldve figured out powder to shot ratio! But no matter it looked menacing enough! So Im sick, pale & gaunt. I toff my shirt to add to the effect & open the door sick looking & half naked. I look the jig right ib the eye w/ a crazy look on my face & sinister smile on my face & bellow 'Howareya!' Then hoist the gun into view. Never saw a jig run so fast in my life. I still chuckle when i think of that! Good times!

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    Default very well handled....

    the niggers would have muh-dikked your daughter...pregnant or not....They don't care...

    If a nigger will rape a dying Hospice patient in a hospital....they will rape anything....They sow wouldn't mind that either....anything to inflict pain and suffering on YTs is acceptable to they sows or bucks...



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