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    Default BURNER Goes Down With Her Buck

    A Raleigh NIGGER AND COAL BURNER who are accused of killing a Kinston mother will be tried together for the crime.

    Grant Hayes and his COAL BURNING wife, Amanda, are charged with killing Laura Ackerson back in 2011 in Raleigh. The woman's dismembered body was found days later in a Richmond, Texas creek. Texas authorities believe Ackerson was killed in North Carolina, dismembered, and her body transported in coolers in a rented truck to Richmond.
    In April 1941, during a meeting of the General Board of the Navy a body roughly comparable to the War Department General Staff the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Major General Thomas Holcomb, declared that blacks had no place in the organization he headed.

    "If it were a question of having a Marine Corps of 5,000 whites or 250,000 Negroes," he said, "I would rather have the whites."

    Seems the General knew more than they gave him credit for. Semper Fi MajGen Holcomb!!

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    Just another example of how race-mixing produces distasterous results....

    @#$% Niggers!


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    The victim was the nigger's ex-sow. So she got what she deserved.
    Niggers are not human, and won't stay in their places.

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    4 half niglets left behind for YT to support. Please kill burners BEFORE reproducing in the future, niggers.



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