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    Default Niggers 3x more likely to get expelled from CCSD schools

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    and 7X more likely to go to jail...

    but it's just gotta be someone else's fault...
    "there ain't nothing pleasant bout being fucked in the ass..." - Luther Spells, 2009

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    TNB at it's best. Not one actual fact provided as to WHY there is such a disproportional amount of niggers being suspended in relation to the 12% population. This is an actual a case study that proves niggers all over the Country fit the exact same demographic model.

    The writer is a Liberal. No doubt. Made no effort to actually research the story. Just reported the SHOCKING numbers. He didn't even bother to mention the Superintendent is a nigger hisself.

    The majority of teachers may be white, but they are also Liberal, therefore they do not suspend due to racism. They have to suspend due to the action of the teenape. So pissing the money away on this;

    " The committee also recommended that the district provide mandatory cultural diversity training for all new teachers and administrators, and that one professional development day each year will focus on understanding cultural diversity."
    is, well, stupid.

    What a waste of resources. But hey, when you are funded by OPM, who cares. Just raise the taxes next year.
    My wonderful Dad taught me a valuable lesson as a young man.

    "Son", he said, "I am not prejudiced".
    "I believe every white person should own one"

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    The pavement ape are too stupid to understand the Human concept of math, spelling, reading and things like that. The nigger brain, if you can call it that, is more geared to steal, rape and pillage.
    “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”.

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    You can lead a nigger to school but you can't make him learn.

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    skoo be rayciss an sheeit

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    Perhaps if the niggers didn't express TNB we wouldn't have this problem... But that's like asking a turd not to stink...

    We need REAL after school programs for nigs, i.e. something that would goodify these nigs.

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    The comments on that page are pretty rich.

    Here's one...

    This is not a racial issue - it is more of a cultural issue.

    What you have is a group of individuals who have adopted/grew up in a corrupt culture that leads them on the wrong path - by choice.

    This applies to that group of carefree kids exposed to daily drug/gang (really just a fantasy) culture portrayed by the entertainment industry.


    Then you have the parasites of society that generalize and focus on a person's skin color instead of focusing on the cultural/social issues.

    The idiot's logic - the color of skin will determine the content of a person's character. Imbeciles.

    Ultimately, yes it is an INDIVIDUAL CHOICE - that is absolutely correct. But that individual choice is not determined by the person's skin color - instead it is a choice of character.

    Some of the comments in here do point out important issues like the corrupt culture within certain communities. It has to change. There are simply no excuses. IT MUST CHANGE.

    And another....

    I don't think it is a case of being black.

    I think it is a case of doing things to get expelled for.

    Mind your manners and stay in school.

    Should the correct wording be that in Clark County schools Black students are 2.7 times more likely to do things that will get them expelled?

    And another...

    These readers are PROFOUNDLY devoid of self-awareness. They have made a choice to remain WILLFUlLY IGNORANT to the struggles of others yet they are quick to assume victim identity when it suits them. While I do not know the race of these priceless gems, it is clear they have lived with the benefit of white privilege.

    Omfg; facepalm to the max. Do these^ people sincerely believe that shit, or are they just saying what think they have to? (And frankly, I can't decide which is worse). Even a non-white person like myself knows that "white privilege" is bullshit. As are all forms of libtard-fabricated "privilege".

    But this one takes the cake...

    All black students have to do is stop doing things that can get them suspended and expelled. If they'd like to do better on tests, then all they have to do is study harder. Yep, it's as simple as that.

    Ok pal, and you can make a dog stop licking its own asshole by telling it to stop. 'Yep, it's as simple as that'.

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    They're not animals, they're not human....they're niggers!


    Bring back segregated schools.

    Niggers are planet earth's tragedy.
    the USA is like a tube of toothpaste. Once all the white has been squeezed out, you'll have a piece of garbage.




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