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    Default Negress convicted on abuse, kidnapping - but one juror fails on murder charge

    OK, fair enough. A sheboon killing a groidlet is not considered murder any more than me eating a steak is. But I hate it when jurors can't look at the suspook and immediately realize: GUILTY NIGGER!


    Geralyn Graham, accused of smothering her chubby-cheeked foster child with a pillow, escaped a murder conviction Friday — by one juror’s vote....All 12 Miami-Dade jurors, emotionally exhausted by two days of deliberations, agreed that Graham abused and kidnapped 4-year-old foster child Rilya Wilson.She faces up to life in prison. In all likelihood, Graham, 67, now convicted of aggravated child abuse and kidnapping, will die in prison. And little Rilya’s body has yet to be found, a lingering and tragic chapter in the history of Florida’s often-embattled child welfare agency.

    Nevertheless, three jurors — who asked not to be identified — interviewed by The Miami Herald came away frustrated that one lone hold-out refused to budge from her position that there was “no firm” evidence that Graham killed Rilya...Another juror said the group carefully reviewed the testimony. The holdout “couldn’t see the evidence as the rest of us did,” he said. And, a third: “We were heartbroken. We were devastated because 11 of us knew she was guilty.”

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    So I suppose the abuse had nothing to do with it, and the shitlet died of natural causes? Sounds legit. One good, one in NU for permanent attendance. I'm sure that uppity look on its face is due to not receiving its rightful Future Crimestoppers Award. Only a nigger would be so blatantly guilty, and have the nerve to appear so indignantly irritated over facing consequences.
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    Default Re: Negress convicted on abuse, kidnapping - but one juror fails on murder charge

    The single holdout had to be a fellow proto-hominid or a guilt-ridden libtrad YT sympathizer.

    I'm sure that beating the murder rap will instantly give the old sow "skreet cred" in the monkey cages.
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    Im betting the juruor that held out was a nigger. Much like i would give a guilty verdict on a nigger even before reviewing any evidence, i would not budge from my position, we could sit there for weeks on end and i would still say guilty no matter what. Even he wasnt guilty of that particular crime, then its a 100% fact he either committed crimes in the past or would in the future. I would see it as a civic duty to get the nigger in jail where it belongs.

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    If James Brown had ah sister......she'd look like that.thumbsup



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