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    Tar Baby

    Default Big 3 to Send More Gibs To The Niggers In Detroit

    Yeah, this going to work. Think I will buy a Toyota.


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    Purveyor of Nigger Truth
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    Been a GM guy all my life. No more. Once I am done paying for the Camaro SS, I will be relegating it 2nd duty. I will be going for a Camry for everyday use. Sick of the government, sick of the AAW union, and sick of detoilet. No more shall my hard earned money be dumped into that shithole of an excuse for a City.

    Plus, terms like this make my blood boil "Community organizers". If they are hiring, there is one in the Black House who thinks it is the POTUS when in all reality it is the SCROTUMUS. They just need to make sure they do not ask it to fill out a job application.

    Click here to see the great work they do while being paid by the YT taxpayers.

    My wonderful Dad taught me a valuable lesson as a young man.

    "Son", he said, "I am not prejudiced".
    "I believe every white person should own one"



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