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    Default Nigger sow makes self good by ramming into KFC

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

    "To a nigger cost and value are one and the same thing which is why they are unable to distinguish between someone who is rich and someone who just temporarily has a lot of disposable income."-Leeroy Jenkem

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    You just CANNOT make this up! A KFC, MLK blvd., and a sheboon with a BMW. See the sign at the KFC that says hot wings?

    Well that boon sure be HOT now huh? A tragedy it had to be a BMW. I doubt it is salvageable.

    Now, if I am the boon's family, I GTFO! When the niggers in that hood find out who wrecked their KFC and now it has to be closed for weeks because of repairs, they are going to be lookin to make that fambly real good!
    My wonderful Dad taught me a valuable lesson as a young man.

    "Son", he said, "I am not prejudiced".
    "I believe every white person should own one"

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    I have always said ... KFC is a nigger magnet.
    Now here's scientific proof.
    I started laughing hysterically at about 5 seconds into the video and had a warm fuzzy feeling after it was over.


    Watch the nigger at the end lose its voice when it detects the fried chickkin Smell too.

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    Dude! Even the wife was wiping tears from her eyes when she heard the MLK and KFC part...

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    That kfc must be made of kryptonite, that 110mph beamer barely put a dent in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadranok View Post
    That kfc must be made of kryptonite, that 110mph beamer barely put a dent in it.
    They know they need to build them heavy duty because of the niggershines those places attract.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shoogafoot Jones View Post
    A tragedy it had to be a BMW. I doubt it is salvageable.
    I doubt it was salvageable once she knuckledragged herself into that car the first time.

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    Suspended license, no insurance, tickets out the yingyang and speeding like a bat outta hell. Yep, this sheboon got what she had coming.

    To bad for the beamer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ StoopNig View Post
    awesome freakin lmao

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    that's like, an epic nigger confluence right there.


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    I'm guessing this is where DJ found out about the nasty sheboon, HappyHookerTV.



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