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    Default A World Without Niggers

    In this thread, post how you think the world would be different if all niggers (including anybody with even a drop of nigger blood in them), were to vanish into thin air, and not one nigger was left to ruin this planet. I'll go first.

    If there were no niggers left, crime would decline dramatically in every country with a nigger population.

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    Here are my thoughts:

    -Crime would be almost non existant, some prisons would shut down, many cops would have to seek a different career.
    -Social Security fears would evaporate
    -Counties would have a cash surplus now that welfare is 99% extinct.
    -Child Support Enforcement Agencys would shut down.
    -The Court system would become unclogged.
    -The KKK would FINALLY take off those stupid looking robes.
    -The drug war could be won.
    -The most qualified person could now get the job
    -Afro sheen and KFC would go out of business
    -The AIDS epidemic would be over
    -Our White House Wouldn't need to be fumigated.

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    everyone would be able to keep more of their $ since no longer having to support that mistake of GOD so my bank account would be nice and i would be able to sleep because the little nigs next door wouldnt be outside beating on that damn trash can non stop

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    EVERY aspect of crime and economy would improve drastically. Africa would become a cash cow for eco-tourism and natural resources. Basically humanity would be free to achieve the very pinnacle of what we are capable of.

    Of course the muslimes would still be trouble makers, but nobody would care because we would live in such a nigger free paradise. They could go on blowing each other up and living in caves and it wouldnt matter to us because nobody would need to get oil from them.

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    A place undergoing nigger infiltration


    1) There would be a monumental economic impact worldwide and the bottom line would be a drastic reduction in taxes all round. Plus, prices of merchandise could be reduced in shops everywhere because there'd be much less shoplifting.

    2) World charities could focus on those who truly need their resources: The non-nigger poor. No more of these guilt trips making us feel sorry for Nigafrica.

    3) Anywhere with a significant nigger population would experience drastic crime reduction. For the US, that maybe as high as 50%. In some places, we could possibly even go as far as leaving our cars and homes unlocked

    4) And as DNS pointed out, Africa would become a true paradise and would no longer need to be nicknamed Apefrica or Apefreeka! Names like Chimpbabawe would be redundant. Whites could move back in and re-develop such coontries. Come to think of it, there could well be new battles: Chinese would be battling whites in order to gain control of mineral resource output. Apefrica is super rich in resources including oil (still) but the dumb niggers know not how to exploit such resources to their benefit.

    5) My avatar would be redundant. There would not be any shitlets to abort.

    6) Come to think of it, Chimpout itself and its associated blogs would no longer need to exist and all my anti-nigger tees and stickers would likewise be defunct
    This color means forum staff message. No arguing.

    What should you throw to a drowning nigger?
    - The rest of its fambly, of course! could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down...
    - William Bennett.

    A nigger is a natural sociopath, they are incapable of empathy and cannot think more than a few moments into the future.
    - Justin Igger.

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    I imagine things around here in the south would be like "The Andy Griffith Show". I would like that, the only person in jail would would that drunk guy. The rest of the u.s would go back to the fifties style everybody would have jobs and welfare would be gone.
    Panthers are the color black, niggers are the color shit.

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    * Roads would finally start being maintained where you wouldn't have to replace ball joints, shocks and have your fucking tires aligned every six months. The maintenance funds would actually go for maintenance, instead of the usual diversion to countless nigger bogus programs.
    Know peace. No niggers.

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    The very real possibility of a Utopia would exist

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    Human immigrants would actually assimilate into American culture instead of their kids being influenced by the niggers in their neighborhoods. (I see this as the number one problem for Mexicans in the United States, legal or illegal!)
    "All missionaries praise the African for his strict observance of
    the Sabbath. He would have three hundred and sixty-five Sabbaths
    in the year, if possible, and he would as scrupulously observe
    them all." Burton's Wanderings in West Africa, Vol. I.,
    page 266.

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    I was born, raised and grew up in a community that had essentially no Negroes. And I now live in a small community that has essentially no Negroes...less than 1% of the population.

    In the interim I served 4 years in the USN then went to college at a nigger-loving state I know groids.

    There are many places that are still nigger-free...I've lived in them...these communities are scattered around the US but tend to be in the western states...mostly.

    A good friend once told me, "Dwight, we've seen the best of it. The only rational thing to do now is hunker down, insulate yourself from the breakdown of society, and try to enjoy the small amount of time you have left."

    He died in 1995...but his words ring true.
    "I am not now nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the races which I believe will for ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality." Abraham Lincoln, Sept. 18, 1858, at Charleston, Illinois.



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