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    Default 2 of the smartest niggers in the world

    My god..these are 2 of the smartest niggers in the world. Just watch how these 2 wordsmiths tear into each other. Its a thing of beauty

    Gib dat nigger 2 weeks o' choppin cotton and see how his attitude changes

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    Warning, Watching this video will cause you to lose brain cells....

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    Unbelievable.....and some people still contend that they are our equals....

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    I couldn't take it. Yo uhh yo gnomesayin uhh yo muh dik.

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    They're not animals, they're not human....they're niggers!


    Why can't these creatures stand or sit still for even a second? Every coon always has to jig around in a tremor of guilt and and uneasiness with their surroundings. It's a phenomenon exclusively reserved for the nigger beast.
    the USA is like a tube of toothpaste. Once all the white has been squeezed out, you'll have a piece of garbage.

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    I fear there is a superior alien race debating what to do with the earth - work with it, colonize it, or exploit it. They will see this video as an example of what is there and say "fuck it, blast the place into dust!"



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