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    Default Niggers & Headaches

    I live in a nigger neighborhood... surrounding by niggers on every street corner. I'm sure you guys know that niggers enjoy loud music and are attracted to loud things. I started to develop a headache due to all of this and decided to do a Google search for any statistics on race & headaches. Either I didn't do a good enough job of searching or my conclusions that niggers don't get headaches are true. I have never heard of a nigger complain of headaches or any of them stating they ever do. Niggers even blast the cRap music from their stolen iPods through their ear phones and you can hear it from across the room/hall. Anyone want to contribute?

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    i knew a coon who had headaches all the time at work. iput it down to the fact that its noggin was hurting from all the cell phone radiation as it was never off the fucking phone,or that fact it was simply at work.

    If it looks like an ape and it walks, smells and acts like an ape, it probably is an ape.
    They are definatly not people at all, they are definatly some sort of monkey, so its not racist to hate them, just as it isnt racist to hate apes.

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    You must have brains before you can get a headache...

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    Niggers definitely cause headaches.

    Liberalism is a dangerous religious cult.

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    The syphilis ate away all the parts that might ache
    "There's nothing quite as worthless as a white girl with a nigger." - David Alan Coe



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