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    Default Right Wang Idalogs Avakatin' Hate n' Shit.

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    That fucking queen sherilla boon bitch needs to do something important like protest outside of grocery stores because they keep black olives in cans and all the rest are in clear glass or plastic containers!

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    How could this boon mount a case against "hate" groups advocating violence without including the black Pussy's? I mean we hear and see video of Quantam Fuckup asking for violence directed at whites only, police too and nothing is said about it.

    As long as the Black Kitties exist, there must be groups to counter them. Niggers are the forefront of hypocrisy. It is ok to mount violence in groups as long as niggers are the ones doing the hating. Humans are just better at it and can actually base their hate on fact instead of made up mistreatment.

    She will be exposed for the advocate of hate that she is. ALL hate groups must be included and when it is brought up, her attack will disappear.
    Fucking Niggers...



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