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    Default Basketball Wives: Untapped Source For TNB

    Shaq's ex-wife is the executive producer of this ensemble: a coalburner, full bloods, and a spigger.
    They are basketball dancers, wives, ex-wives, and fiancees who live large and never fail to display TNB.
    My Verdict: Another example of Nigger Rich.

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    I saw this show being advertised the other night. Just what we need, another nigger reality show with ugly, uppity sheboons and massive amounts of TNB. Makes me want to puke.

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    Default Monday Night Smack Down In Rome

    Tami Roman (Reality Show Career Ho) palmed the face of Meeka Claxton during a nightclub brawl.
    Scripted or actual, it still forces me to look at the train wreck...
    Why does VH1 pay good money for this group of sows to vacation in Rome?



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