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    Default how Judge Judy deals with upity niggers

    Judge Judy has no patience with coon arguments. Can you blame her. For some reason I donít think judge Judy likes niggers, one good reason I like her.

    I think I will start a Judge Judy thread. With her bashing sub human jigaboo coons. Please contribute, but only good ones. Lets not look like tards posting bullshit. There are plenty of quality TNB episodes available. So lets only post the best nigger antics we can find. This forum needs some fresh content so lets refresh things around here. There are some vary entertaining TNB to be shared lets see who can get the funniest nigger antics on court TV. This should be fun.
    I will go first:
    Judge Judy with Uppity sheboon:

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    Thatís fucking comedy

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    E, thanks for my laughter fix. Judge Judy is one nasty bitch who truly hates niggers.

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    Stupid she-boon thought she was getting over. The dumb chimp
    might have been better off just giving her apeazoid a blow-job
    and biting his dong. Bleach? What a bimbo.

    gown talk ta me now muffugga?

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    Judge Judy takes no shit from niggers. Never really watched Judge Judy before but I will definitely be searching for more chimpout clips from the show.
    "The modern definition of 'racist' is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal."

    "I think you should defend to the death their right to march, and then go down and meet them with baseball bats."

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    That was epic. Sheboon lost in record time. Here is one that I found:

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    Ok this one is a bit confusing but It is another epic one:

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    I can see why her boo was running around on her. Even nigger bucks don't want to deal with your typical sow's attitude.

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    Default Just normal nigger BS!

    Niggers have no respect for law, for law and order, for courts, for anything. Hell, they even hate each other! That is why these primates need to be locked up on their own land, away from humans.



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