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    Default dumbest titsoons I have seen in awhile ( niggers and snow do not mix )

    well, we all knows how the nigger hates the snow and the cold, but what I saw this morning made me laugh my ass off.

    I libs in SE Michigan, which is ever nigger infested. We had a blizzard last night and this area got 8 -10 inches of snow.

    I got up and went out to my drive to clean off my car and start to work on my driveway.

    I thought I was seeing things, but nope, my eyes did not deceive me: there was a nigger mobile stuck in a snow bank. Two buck teenapers were sitting on the hood of the car, both screeching into dey sail phones.

    Every so often one would get into the car and try to drive it out of the snow bank.

    One spotted me and attempted to moogle over, but I went into my backyard. I was not about to help ethier of those welfare receipants.

    I laughed my ass off as they kept getting into the car, trying to move it, or both were sitting on the hood of the car, waiting for help.

    Apparently, they did not combine enough brain power to think that one needed to get in and steer and one needed to physchically push the car! Too much work.

    Eventually some white liberal stopped and helped them move their car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Placentia Jackscoon View Post
    I thought I was seeing things, but nope, my eyes did not deceive me: there was a nigger mobile stuck in a snow bank.
    snow beez all rayciss an sheeit
    "Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [blacks] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." --Thomas Jefferson

    "Negro equality? Fudge!" -- Abraham Lincoln

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    AH, snow, the ultimate White revenge against niggers!

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    Default Ize gunna be lat boo.

    muh hooptie be stuk in da muh-fuggin sno yo!
    This color means forum staff post, no messing around.

    Normal text means it's me, feel free to argue!

    My bearded dragon hates niggers too. Come to think of it, so do the crickets I feed him .I don't know what crickets eat, but whatever it is, I'll bet it hates niggers too.

    If you took the negative characteristics of every other species on the planet and combined them all into one single animal, it still wouldn't be half as bad as a nigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Placentia Jackscoon View Post

    Eventually some white liberal stopped and helped them move their car.
    what an idiot, if he was stuck any nigger that drove by would have just laughed at him

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    " Eventually some white liberal stopped and helped them move their car."

    He's lucky he didn't get mugged for his efforts.
    "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy: its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." - Winston Churchill

    He who is given everything values nothing. - Me

    In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.- George Orwell

    "Coalburning is the equivalent of taking a dump in the gene pool. " Out of Detroit

    "I think, therefore I am"-Descartes "I stink, therefore I am"-Nigger

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    We had that same blizzard here, I got to watch the Somalicoons try to dig their nigger-wagon out this morning.

    They stupid monkeys didn't have shovels so they put on gloves and started digging in the snow like dogs.

    3 hours later and they gave up. The lot gets cleared tomorrow and any cars still stuck get towed away. Here's to hoping their nigger wagon is one of the tow-aways.

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    Should have added this in the above post, but forgot :(

    My favourite nigger/snow moment was watching a somalicoon she-boon slip on the ice while carrying one of 'gods little mistakes' with her. The dumb sow landed right on the screaming piglet (who suddenly stop screaming), and scurried away with the niglet hanging limply in her arms.

    Next few times I saw that sheboon the niglet wasn't with her. Never saw the niglet again. I'm hoping it suffered enough damage in the fall to die.

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    This reminds me of something I saw a couple weeks ago. I rent an apartment in the cold, northern city that I have to commute to often for work. A group of sows live next door and from what I gather, they run some sort of assisted living house for young adults with down syndrome (God help those poor kids). Well one Saturday morning I was enjoying my coffee and newspaper when I kept hearing a loud "RRRREEEE RRRREEE!" I looked out my window and saw that the sow's van was stuck on the ice and snow that had accumulated on their own driveway. It was then apparent that the nigger's had neglected to plow, shovel, or otherwise get rid of their snow for the entire winter, and just let it pile up. There must have been about 4 inched of compacted snow and another 3 inches of ice on their driveway. The dumb sows tried rocking the van back and forth to get out of the rut but it was useless. Pretty soon the entire neighborhood stank like burnt rubber. Then they tried pouring salt and sand by the tires, but when you have that much snow and ice, it's not going to help much. Finally after a couple of hours of trying to free their van, a tow truck comes to the house and tows them out of their own driveway. The whole ordeal was pretty hilarious except for the noise and smell. Snow is just another way that God conveys his hatred for the nigger beast.
    "A genius has perhaps scarcely ever appeared amongst the negroes, and the standard of their morality is almost universally so low that it is beginning to be acknowledged in America that their emancipation was an act of imprudence." -Otto Weininger, Sex and Character

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    Default Titzune : Burnt Wood

    I saw a smashnose on the news who was stuck. He was too stupid to get a shovel and his wheels were chocked. He said he was out there for 2 hours. I would have been out of there in 10 minutes.



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