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    Quote Originally Posted by cooninout View Post
    coke all the way!!
    Luckily I've always preferred Coca Cola. More reason than ever now.

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    PepsiMax TNB. Jeesh, pretty blatant.

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    I went to a black womans site and commented on it. I said if it would have been a white woman hitting a black, then leaving her on the street old Al and Jessie would be on every TV network screaming racism! I'm sure the she-boons will agree with me.......LOL

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    Well, looks like Coke from now on.

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    I did get 2 responces.....they didn't rip me as much as I thought:

    By: datruthisscary on 2/07/2011 12:09AM

    You mean they would actually have Al and Jesse in the commercial screaming "racism"? That would be one crazy commercial. lol

    By: Ebony on 2/06/2011 11:57PM

    As if this commercial would have DARED to feature a WHITE man looking lustfully at a BLACK woman while in the presence of his wife!! They were even careful to pair Kim Ho-Dashian (lover of black men) with a WHITE man - for the viewing audience.

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    At least pepsi got the niggers to act naturally retarded. pesi max yo.

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    World Free of Niggers

    Default Agreed...

    Quote Originally Posted by Woden View Post
    I hate fucking pepsi. This cannot ever be forgiven.
    This commercial was truly offensive and disgusting to any human. It's one thing to take the nigger beast's money, but to proactively make commercials dripping with niggershines and TNB is unforgiveable. An ugly, bald nigger and an ugly, filthy TNB-laden sheboon...great advertising department you have Poopsie. What made it worse is getting a beautiful human female involved in this travesty. Would a gorgeous human woman really stop to flirt with a filthy jaboon buck like? Of course not...yet another AMERICAN icon who has become niggerfied.

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    Seriously? WTF?! Pretty much every Super Bowl commercial I've seen is full of niggers, it's like "For niggers by niggers".

    Corporate America, you make me sick.
    This post brought to you by ~ MrAnonymous.

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    They're chimping out over at black voices as we speak over the commercial where the sow chimps out. They have a story over there asking if the black sisters should be concerned with the angry black woman. Hell yeah you should be concerned! Sows like that are one of the reasons this website even exists dummies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woden View Post
    I hate fucking pepsi. This cannot ever be forgiven.
    I had the same reaction. I guess I'll have to find some RC cola.
    "African American men have gonorrhea rates that are 68 times greater than those in white men. For women, these rates are 28 times greater in African Americans than in whites." - American Social Health Association

    "One in six Americans has genital herpes. And among African-Americans and women, the odds are even higher" "half of African-American women are infected, according to CDC" From NPR on their radio spot entitled Genital Herpes Hits Black Women The Hardest



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