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    Thomas (UK)

    Default Niggers Are Worse Than Rats And Cockroaches

    Thank God for Chimp-Out! This is the only place on earth where I can rant and rave about niggers when these monkeys are driving me mad! Today I'm having a particularly nasty nigger-hating day, and just had to release some steam on chimp out! The truth is I'm sick and tired of sharing my city (Birmingham UK) with niggers. Whenever these niggers infest human society, you're guaranteed that disease and destruction will spread all wild fire. The simple truth is niggers are WORSE than rats (including the fleas that live on them) and cockroaches. EVERY human society that has allowed niggers to live among them has deeply regreted it, from the Romans to present day Israel. It doesn't take long for humans to realise that niggers are "undesirables" and are the lowest of the low.

    So why am I in a foul and rabid nigger-hating mood today? Well I will enlighten you. On Boxing Day I went into Birmingham city centre for the sales, to be specific I went to our world famous Bull Ring Shopping Centre, the biggest in Europe. At exactly 2.15pm a fight broke inside the shopping centre among two packs of feral niggers. I watched in horror from top of the escalators as one of the monkeys pulls out a gun and shoots one of his rival alpha male chimpanzes in the leg. I didn't hang around and grabbed my friend and left the city centre. Later I was informed that in a different incident a young human being was stabbed in the face by a rabid nigger just outside the same shopping centre.

    The simple truth is that niggers have turned our city into a war zone. It's no longer safe walking the streets at night and now they are EVERYWHERE. I went to my health club yesterday and I was the only white face there. I had my swim and the thought of sharing the sauna and steam room with a few stinking monkey appalled me. Today what really angered me was an article in my local newspaper (Birmingham Evening Mail) that reported how violent crime on West Mildands buses had risen by 28%. No prizes to guess which evil and nasty species is to blame for that. After reading the article I went out for a bite to eat, I walked passed a big, ugly chimp en route to the food outlet and he was givng me the evil eye. I gave as good as I got.

    Incidently, when the Bull Ring Shopping Centre was opened a few years ago, it was supposed to be a new and prosperous beginning for our city. Luxury apartment blocks sprung up everywhere, but the "city-living" dream soon turned into a nightmare when residents and shoppers realised that the city-centre was nothing but a nigger shit hole. And a few high profile violent muggings and the murder of a resident at the South Side Apartments, soon saw these apartment blocks become vacant by the cream of our society. I used to live in one of these properties and soon deeply regretted it, it was too dangerous to walk the streets after 6pm. They are now housing association properties housing the under class of our society (including these feral cimps).

    The truth is I can't wait to leave Birmingham, I have had it up to here with niggers. I have put my property on the market and I'm thinking of moving to St.Ives, Cornwall, that is 100% nigger-free, and a playground for the middle and upper classes. If I never see another nigger again, it will be too soon.

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    Default Niggers are worse than rats & cockroaches

    Of course niggers are worse than rats, cockroaches, & fleas, the former do not run around robbing, raping, & murdering. Who do you blame the most for having allowed this disaster to happen to your country? I went to England back in the 80's and I don't recall having seen even one nigger, except for one down-low nigger which was part of our tour group. It appeared miserable the whole trip apparently because it did not have any poopshoots to stick. Oh, well. Anyway, I guess what I really want to ask is this: Do you see any evidence of the general population finding their balls and intending to stand up to the traitors who at the very least have betrayed their entire nation?



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