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    Default Where can I go to get away from them ?

    I've lived in New York City for the past four decades and now I have three small children, two of whom are girls. I have watched these violent, destructive savages destroy everything in their path. If niggers moved into Beverly Hills there would be a drive by shooting on Rodeo Drive within a week.

    It is my duty as a parent to get my children away from these beasts. My question is (and no I haven't travelled the U.S. extensively) .. WHERE THE FUCK CAN I GO BESIDES THE NORTH POLE WHERE MY KIDS WILL NEVER HAVE TO SEE ONE OF THESE KNUCKLEDRAGGERS ?

    Please .. someone .. anyone .. help me get my family the fuck away from them ! Everytime I think I've found a city of glorious white people, I check youtube and there's always some savage from there flashing gang signs or some other silly destructive shit.


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    A rural area is your best bet. Major cities--forget it. I hear out in the plains (Iowa, Kansas) and the northwest (Idaho, Montana) they don't have so many niggers.

    There is also this site, I think it's called, that lets you input a ZIP code and pull up the demographics.

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    I checked my town...only 2.4% nigger.

    They must all be getting lucky, though, 'cause I see a LOT of coalburning going on.

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    Morris Park, Bronx, NY - one of the last white areas in the Bronx left.


    Hello my fellow nyc let's see....where can u go....have u looked Upstate....thee are white area of. Rocklans and Orange counties. Westchester is iffy...expensive and. Lot of school areas are niggers infested. Putnam is nice for the most part but keep away from peekskill....fucking ghetto. Dutchess is also nice but again iffy areas. I don't like long island....not a fan of nj but verona and great notch are nice, not too far from the city.

    We have come to the niggers....until you drive 10 miles to pittsfield.....

    Where in nyc r u?

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    New York is pretty fucked up anywhere you go... you'd have to drive 200 - 300 miles to get away from niggers and their liberal handlers... Your goal is an honorable one. You need to teach your kids about these feral beasts, but at the same time you need to allow them to enjoy life as a human, free of nigger influrence..

    I myself moved to a rural area, bought some land, built a small house, and educated my kids about niggers... It's as simple as logging onto the internet and showing them the truth... The Channon Christian case was their awakening...
    "there ain't nothing pleasant bout being fucked in the ass..." - Luther Spells, 2009

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    Kalispell MT
    A poem for all you nigger/nigger lovers...
    COON, COON ... Black Baboon...Brutal, worthless, thieving GOON...Often High, Thrives in Jail...His welfare check is in the mail ...Some 40 offspring have been had, Not one will ever call him dad ...And yet he hollers day and night: "i blames de white man fo my plight"

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    Nigger Town, Ohio


    13.6% in my town. surprised its not higher... fucking monkeys.

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    The Moon.

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    You're new here so let me point to you a couple threads that should help

    This is a list of the top places to live in America, it wasnt written by chimpers but strangely enough they all have a low population of niggers (go figure):

    This is the nigger map, or the PC term would be "diversity" map, though some of the links in the thread are a bit outdated, we should see some newers ones soon since we did a census this year:

    Like someone else mentioned, rural areas are more likely to be nigger free than the cities but we're seeing more and more 3rd world shithole imports coming here to more traditional human areas like Minnesota and North Dakota (just ask Odin88 about it). Personally I've had my eyes set on Idaho for a while now, seems like ID and MT will still be human for a while.

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    Thanks to all for the excellent responses. Whitegirl, I spent 26 years in Brooklyn right around the corner from housing projects and then I moved to Staten Island, thinking it would be better, but once again .. housing projects 2 blocks away and I hear gunshots 2 or 3 times a month. I'm sick of the police helicopters over my roof all the time, wondering if one of these feral beasts are gonna come jumping over my fence while hiding from the po-po. I actually went out and invested 100 bucks in a police scanner at radio shack, that way next time I hear sirens or a helicopter over my house, I will have some advanced warning and have time to get the Mossberg 500 shotgun ready. They truly are fucking animals.



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