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    Default Barry Buttcracks REAL RESUME

    DOB: Kenya 1961

    Name: Soetoro is a typical Javanese name, pronounced [sutoro] ---
    therefore, his real name is Barry Sutoro.

    Race: Indonesian Hawaiian Kenyan Arabic ??????

    Parents: Unknown (because he lies about everything else)

    Education: Formal Muslim training in Indonesia

    Personal: Smoker, opportunist, hates Police and the Rule of Law (arizona), evidence
    of homosexuality

    IQ: Based upon telempromter performances, in the 103 range.

    Columbia: Lied about actually attending

    Harvard: Affirmative Actioned, paid for by ????? Is known to be the only Harvard Law Review leader to never actually publish anything.

    Law Job Chicago: "Forced" in by phone call. Never was a "professor". Was disliked by colleagues. Was called "LAZY".

    Church: Joined "empowerment" black "christian" (translated to hybrid muslim extremist). Sat under extreme communista rabble rouser Jeremiah Wright, later lied that he wasnt there "on those days"

    Job: Community Organizer

    Senate: Elected because he's black, and because he had the Illuminati forces and money behind him.
    Obviously targeted that area of chicago to live in because it was ripe to elect a "extremist",
    upscale, multicultural, power politician in the chicago style of abject corruption.

    Wife: Eased into make-up public relations token position, salary 300,000 (was still ashamed of the USA at this point, instead of HERSELF for being a cheating opportunist)

    Influences: Black Panthers, European Communism, One World Order, Trotsky, Lenin,

    References: Rod Blagoyavich, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Daley (Chicago strong arm mafia)

    Election Platform: "George Bush is a White Cracker"

    Wife: Is now "proud" of the illiterate country for electing to sacred office a lying, cheating,
    unknown, muslim, usurper who desires to turn the USA into something resembling the
    aftermath of Katrina.

    Alternate Platform: "Change" AKA: Screw Whitey, and Make America into a cesspool resembling Haiti

    Future: Possible Impeachment, although its legally impossible to impeach an illegal alien. Abject disgrace.

    Legal career: Surrendered Law License after being threatened with corruption exposure (as did Michelle Buttcrack)

    Legacy: The most disgraceful, illegitimate, lying sack of horse poop to ever "occupy" elected office.

    Blame: Slightly more than one half of the American electorate is so disagracefully ignorant, that we elected an extreme placating agendized Muslim to ruin the United States just a few years after
    being attacked by a parade of other "Husseins" in the 9-11 attack.

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    I think the parents are coalburner Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis...but I agree with the Illuminati part.

    Barry Buttcrack? My husband is sitting over there grinning at that one....

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    So, how does one properly address the first black president of the US.?.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by liggernover View Post
    So, how does one properly address the first black president of the US.?.....

    Mr Niggerdent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by liggernover View Post
    So, how does one properly address the first black president of the US.?.....

    "Hey Toby..."
    If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!

    Samuel Adams: Speech in Philadelphia; August 1, 1776



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