You get a personal theme song! You get a personal theme song! You get a personal theme song!

I did this for BullDogSaysGrr and thought it would be fun to do it for a few other Redditors.

Give me your name (username, real name, whatever) and something about you.

I reserve the right to do the opposite of what you say and/or mock you in ribald good fun.

Edit: You guys rock. I'm going through them as fast as I can, top to bottom. Please be sure to vote up the ones that you'd most like to see personal themeified.

Edit 2: Wow, there are so many of you. I'll do a few more before I go to bed. I know there are other musical redditors out there, please feel free to join in the fun! Leave a comment saying you're working on one so that we don't double up--I'll do the same.

Edit 3: You guys are amazing. I've been recording so hard that I broke my chair, and I'll probably never get the orangered stains off of my envelope.

There are like 600 Narwhals who deserve songs, so if any other redditors out there have a guitar, a keyboard, tuned washboard abs, whatever, please join in and spread some personal theme song love.

You can do one up me, right? Show that song comment dude who's [optional meme: like a] boss!

G'night reddit!

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