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    Default Just a few clippings of a literary Chimp out.

    I posted an innocent comment on youtube, pertaining to 419 scammers in Nigeria and the damages they do to the economy.Suffered a catatory 5 shitcurricane lasting about 2 months, now.

    All allies of this monkey has given up. They post a defiant " your mama" then retreat. They'd make some witty comment like I'm fucking your mama's back. You should a job cause I'm fucking your mama's back. etc.

    [ame=""]YouTube- ‪Nigeria - Uzodinma Okpechi - I Go Chop Your Dollar‬‎[/ame]

    Well the comments by Mastereddy5 are hiliarious. What is extremely funny is that this boy has left the field TWICE, only to return a few days later. His frustrations to get me to leave are obvious. That I retain this flame war just to piss him off, and then he chimps out, with furious nonsensical posts about raping my mother and the tried tested and true. "Your mama". I on the meantime correct his spelling errors. His patois gibberish. (aka nigger babble), which continues to set him off. He calls me a gay Jew, a gay carkakkrarararaar (cracker I think). When he's cornered he'd resort to this.

    " im still fucking ur moms buuzums bitch" or this

    " cracker faggit! burrr cracker faggit burr blue waffle cracka faggit burr burn the british burr cracka!"

    The more I push him, the more I correct his errors. The more angry he gets, and he writes angry incoherent and fast gibberish as this. Other times he posts half hearted one liners.

    "Sambubu instead of fixing errors, You should get a job and help afford insurance for your moms back. LIKE I SAID! I FUCKED YOUR MOMMAS BACK!" (That boy who took cheap shots then ran off, when I didn't respond to his intelligent cheek).

    "Sambucacat congratz! u didnt fix the errors now get yur azz back to class. that rhyms opps. right now i see you as a f- student that can inprove by 1)stop sucking dicks 2) commenting everytime meaning while ITS JUST CORNEY and the same shit 3) you iz a looza! and 4) i am the masta"

    "again white crracka boy get ur money to come to my class" (When I started to correct his errors. He claims that I'm in HIS class, after I started the gag of his mother being a BP oil sucker (big fat dick niggeress sucking lips), and a crab fisher (he made a joke about my mother opening her legs during dinner time and said crabs). I asked him what class he taught "Sodomy 101, and Male erotica 101).

    - "get the fuck out of here on youtube u aint teachn shit bitch" (Eddie just wants me to quit so desparely" When I don't he Eeeeks and ooooks.

    -"Did you notice when you went wrong sababa? You just insulted yourself dickhead. (I wrote see sumbabacacacacapussy, this is what happens.......) You're not to bright are you fuck face?" Hmmm That's odd a nigger not knowing what Sambuca is, since they drink alot. Oh wait that's because they drink low classed beer. Only rich suburbian oriented people like me are familiar with this drink ha ha ha.

    -"how u sound right now huh? ali g is the masta lol hes ur master u faggit ass bitch and plus it faggit not faggot we know u a faggit and in dutch that wat they smoke faggits like u so go fuck ur momas back cuz uve ALL READY LOST I CANT END IT ANYTIME PLUS GOING TO THE CHANNEL T STALK ME AINT HAPPENIN U LIL BRITISH MONKEY TERD" - Again Eddie tries desperately to get me to leave.

    -"I HAVE WON YOU HAVE LOST! I AM DA WINNER YOU ARE THA LOOZA!" He quotes a lyric from the song, to intimidate me to leave. He repeats this line often!

    -"im no wimp im a pimp u a wimp". This one is just so cute little Eddie.

    -@Sambucacat fuck up prick

    -"AH SHUT THE FUCK UP BLUE WAFFLE LICKER" -The good ol Awwww Shaddap" line always a classic.

    -"HOLD UP JUST A SEC YUR A A FUCKING DISTRCTING DUMB FUC K CRACKER VWHOS TO THIS VID FDOR WHAT? to talk shit mean while ur dumbass is to pussy to bring this other pussy smokeboogie that u both suck each others cocks."- Anything you say Eddie.... my friend anything you say.

    -@Sambucacat "niggaaa"! Whazup my nigga!
    @Sambucacat ok shut the fuck up nigga!
    @Sambucacat shut up nigger!
    @Sambucacat fuck up lol nigguh! -All in sequential classification too!

    -@Sambucacat nice copy and paste . 419 nigga! 419! (More of the same)

    -@Sambucacat hmmm is that y In the UK, they hate the French (Frogs), the French hate the Germans (Krauts), and the Germans hate the British (Roastbeef (the French for Brit! (derogatory, said fast, denoting over cooked food!)). -I think this is the closest thing to a human response. That doesn't about "Nigga, dicks, and gay", or just sound out like some monkey jumping up and down making screeching sounds throwing things.

    -@Sambucacat you should go back to that gay area from were ya came i think FINLAND SUM SHET LIKE THAT LOL or OLD DIRTY ENGLAND WITH UR GAY CRACKER ED NECK SELF OOPS - Anything you say Panther warrior... anything you say.

    -@Sambucacat oooo weee -There we go Monkey sounds.
    @Sambucacat oooooo weee - Eeee eeee oooo oooo keee keeee eeee eee aaaaah aaaahh to you too nigger

    -@Sambucacat spell dis u r gay -Ok Eddie. You are gay! (sometimes that kid makes it to easy for me).
    -@Sambucacat Hubla hubla (you know those back singers who make those strange bee blooo bllll blabble beee booo bop. Blleble blahbble.- Bill Cosby for example, is this what this Black warrior was trying to insult me with?).

    -@Sambucacat im eddy and your the pussy and that y ur name has cat hmmm u get pussy from cats hmmm
    "I'm not sure what this night soil is trying to say"

    -@Sambucacat it been a month stright and u still havent changed lmfao! u pro on sucking dicks even with ur cracker words that no1 reads and wtf is a sambucacat?? some crack cats who get injected in the ass with dicks thats wat its is and u out of all people are gay i swear with ur trashy ass comments nobody likes u lol u got random people on u who dont know u and hate u cuz ur a fucking faggit on utube not only that u come here talking about spelling ?? like who gives a fuck about spellingdick

    -Yes Eddie, it has been a month. You're eager for me to leave right?

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    (That idiot is back, like a typical night soil he runs hides and comes back, again he "fucked my mom's back". -Zerkprefection

    -@Sambucacat i told u im with ur moma u fat fuck basterd (little Eddie is fucking my mom.... again, can't these night soils be more creative. They know that your momma doesn't work on me. It works on them though.

    -@Sambucacat it dont matter when i post lol cuz ur comments r the same anyways so y do i bother coming here if u and ur gay friends like jody were isheshe at ? well time for u go slobber and lick those dicks u called fun in ur mouth (Little Eddie posts 3 times a day once in the after noon, once around 8 and once more around 10, so we'll see them at 8 tonight? Furthermore what is an isheshe? )

    -@Sambucacat ur gay lol u posted that on ur self lmfao! (Again I don't know what he's talking about he's just typing while black I guess

    .@Sambucacat and u eat the crab cakes lmfao!

    -@Sambucacat must i read and slower for u??ok uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy uuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnndeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr rrstttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndd

    (Eeeeeeee eeeee oooooo ooooooo aaaaaa aaaaaaaaahhh to you too Eddie). Notice how Eddie also uses the wrong verb. must i READ and slower for you? (meaning Do I have to speak slower for you to read).

    -@Sambucacat lmfao is that y u worked in the sperm factory for a long time lmfao and ur still apps on the same job u got fired for drinking sperm will working lmfao thats ur life and ur welcome to come back to my class and remember i am the winna ur da looza!!!! (Is this the same as that nigger who was drinking beer at the beer factory?).

    -his faggit sabucrabondicks is gonna suck ur dick and he helps give prostitution to men

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    Default Little Eddie is getting agitated now.

    @Sambucacat lmfao ur asking y i bother lmfao omg this to too funny lmfao y does ur gay ass come back here? wat is ur goal? wat is ur purpose? being gay just wait bbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiinnnngggg ggggggggggaaaaaayyyyyyyy

    ddddddddddddddddddddddddooooooooooooooooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddeee eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssstttttttttaaaaaaa aaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddd?????? am i to fast for ya? your a punk bitch pussy motha fucka dick sucking dick loving dickhead looking cockroach british dick mother fucking jewish monkey crak

    -My response to the above. @Mastereddy5 dooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnddddddeeerr rssssttttaaaaaaannnnnndddddddd? ( Do you understand), am (Am) i (I) ya (you?) your (you're) motha (mother), fucka (fucker), british (British), jewish (Jewish), craka( cracker).

    Yes I do understand you Eddie. You're an infantile child who doesn't want to get a job and are quite flustered that I'm not leaving, so you make crazy monkey sounds.

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    @Sambucacat is that y ur lost this lol? its been a moth and i havent even tryed lmfao! get ur pussy freinds here they all gay just like u and ur not that smart cuz ur not smart lmfao!

    (Eddie, by "moth" do you mean month? Or Mothra the Godzillia mutant)?

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    Default It's good to see fellow Chimpers mess with the silly monkey's heads.

    @Sambucacat i am the winna u r the looza!! anotha thing did hear in the news that we found ur father and we found him died in a water well? oh wee not only that u got ur neck slash and dick cut off and his nuts used as dice lmfao! and ur mother got ur neck slash to and ur children r gonna get that same routine also lmfao!

    (It seems little Eddie is self medicating, on chemical drugs distilled from his mother's piss (variant of drugs).

    -if you cracker got sumthin g to say say to a niggers face cuz u aint got no balls to fucking say to anyone cuz we pop u in the eye with a gun in 1 2 3 and u wont be able to breathe to all u faggit ass mother fucking pussy that means u sababupussycat and dick[prince and megadicksuckersambeau yall pussy way to pussy

    (Here Eddie has issued the challenge! It's like those break dancing "It's on" challenges. Are we, those who are the last line civility in this world gone mad? Are we, guardians of going to let this scum of the earth this last reminant of a backwards evolutionary epoch of humanity continue to hold us back)?


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    Default Eddie is jumping up and down knocking things over like the little chimp he is.

    @boltarrow5 ur a pussy tho cuz ur computer is what protecting u virgin wite boy (Bolt Arrow is a poster here)

    @Sambucacat oooweee ur moms pussy was the best i had last night ur mom is next boltarrowsinass (Again Eddie is making typical oo ooo aaa aahh sounds).

    @boltarrow5 ur moms punanay is good (Hey hey hey it's Shananyanay).

    @boltarrow5 r the dicks to good 4 ya?

    @boltarrow5 though u got no dick? oooppps its fell off or a mockingbird ate it (what the hell is it with Eddie and dicks?)

    @MegaSambeau your still breast feeding weres ur sambubupussycat at? (I'm not sure is MegaSambeau is a poster here).

    @Sambucacat ur back its mouning time for ya is it? with yur mourning breathe smelling like nothing other then dick or an animals dick lol! where r u mates the ones that gave up?

    @Sambucacat change and switch that around i think u mean that ur frail self and ur horrible hairy looking werefolve friends have obesity translation if ya gay ass dont know fat fuck there u go so now to to ur mountain and go scracth each other in places far away in w/e area u like

    @Sambucacat ur a hypocrite how u come here callin me a n... meanwhile u have black n..... in ur friends list u got black people added? hmm dont come here with ur really retarted self thinking ur tuff and hard meaning while u go to ur list and u have them n..... added?

    (I'm not sure what the hell this night soil is on. But most of the people on my "friends list" if I really keep track of that thing, are Caucasian).

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    Again more of the same from Zerk.

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    @Sambucacat woah is lil sambubu gettin angry lmfao! speaking of dicks u dont got one sec off your isnt call a dick since its smaller then a girl CLIT LOL and your small too so get sum lol! oh yeah TWO FACED LIEING HYPOCRITE u come here showing me your gayyness madness faggitness searching for me on google and shit mad gay

    How did this nigger finish school?

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    I know they're a little niggerish, but I'll admit to having made some "yo mama" jokes in the past.

    The difference is that I only make those jokes to people I really know, and both me and the other party make them with the understanding that they are juvenile, immature jokes only suitable when we are both tired and can't come up with any better ones.

    Making them with the intent of them being serious threats, and thinking that you're really getting back at another person or actually winning an argument because of them - that's just fucking pathetic.

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    But I've tried all manner of insults to get through to the night soil. That's all he can comprehend.



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