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    Red face When Niggers TRY to be White............

    It's probably rare BUT some Niggers try to take on White characteristics then if you call them on it they deny it.

    For one, ever seen a Nigger with blonde hair?? I have but it is usually FRIED beyond recongnition into some semblence of marsh straw. rolfl I saw a male once with bald spots all over his scalp. I think he tried to straighten it and burned up his scalp. rolfl If Niggers are so proud of their Blackness then why do they try to emulate White characteristics?

    A bit of advice, don't LOOK at them funny or they attack.
    Calling Niggers Monkeys....

    Is an Insult to the Monkeys!

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    That reminds me of an occurance the other day when my lady and I were at the grocery store.

    While strolling through the health and beauty aisle, my lady saw some damn cheap-ass long "weaves" in the nigger "beauty" section. They were priced at $1.99 each, and we both got a good laugh at the niggers' expense.

    Nobody but a she-boon would attach something like that to its nappy head.
    "Mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfugen BIX NOOD cof bin dub ho muhfugga."

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    Thumbs down

    I do remember recently reading something SOMEWHERE that went like this: " Should Black women have long hair eventhough their hair is Nappy?"

    I guess what it means is that kinky, Brillo type hair doesn't lend well to length. I think it's better to just shave it off.

    My hair is very blonde and to my waist. I can't tell you how many times Blacks have been standing behind me inline somewhere and made comments about my hair. I think a couple of times someone actually TOUCHED my hair. I turned around really fast and they acted all dumb and stupid, I know, how can you tell? Once a Black MonkeyMan actually came up behind me and I could hear him sniffing me. I got out of there FAST.

    What is this fascination Blacks have with long, blonde hair anyway?? If they are SO proud of being Black then why don't they just take care of their own hair like they are supposed to. Most Blacks I see have NOT and do NOT take care of themselves. They SMELL and actually LOOK dirty, all ashy and crusty. And why do they make such a big freakin deal about their FAKE nails and FAKE hair?? It's all FAKE and they think no one knows that? I think they look ridiculous. They spend money they should be spending on food and taking care of their niglets on themselves so they can make more niglets that they can't afford.
    Calling Niggers Monkeys....

    Is an Insult to the Monkeys!

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    I've seen niggers with weaves so cheap they looked like ropes.
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

    "To a nigger cost and value are one and the same thing which is why they are unable to distinguish between someone who is rich and someone who just temporarily has a lot of disposable income."-Leeroy Jenkem

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    AWWW Come On. You have to be kidding. This just looks NASTY!!

    Scary Huh??

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    Calling Niggers Monkeys....

    Is an Insult to the Monkeys!

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    When the phrase "epic failure" was coined, there's no doubt in my mind it originally referred to niggers trying to look/act white.

    Fact is, niggers envy whites very much. That's why they hate us, secretly love us and can't live without us. Asians (Mongoloids) and whites (Caucasoids) engineered everything you see around you, what is there not to envy? Our beauty is unparalleled, even an "ugly" white person is much, much more attractive than any "attractive" ground ape.

    Check out "beauty" ads, when they put a sow in there, they lighten the skin and straighten the hair so much because they know that no one wants to see an ugly nigger as the epitome of beauty. It is, as aforementioned, still a failure of epic proportions but they really do try hard.

    According to data (I can't remember where this came from), niggers spend far far more on "beauty" products than whites do every year. Do you know how much those "weave" jobs cost and how long they take to do? Hundreds of dollars and the sow will be sleeping in the chair for HOURS. All that money to try and look white, and they look even uglier.

    Also, weave, skin bleaching and plastic surgery don't take the place of soap and water. They'll spend hundreds on their pubes on their heads but won't spend a buck for a bar of soap. Want to get a shenig riled up? If you're a female, just make a comment about their "hair" . That is a shenig's soft spot. They know they'll never have "good" hair, and HATE YOUR FUCKING GUTS for having beautiful long natural hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eve View Post
    What is this fascination Blacks have with long, blonde hair anyway??
    I read the book "White Fang" by Jack London once and he spoke of the wolves/dogs in the Yukon territory looking at the Humans as "The Great White Gods". I honestly believe there is a link there. The color of the hair, the origin of the color, race, ancestory...they all sort of look up to that, and are fascinated with it. Look at all the things the White race has done and built, and then look at them...They all know this down deep inside, hence the obsession with your blond hair, and also the ridiculousness of them dying their hair blonde or a lighter color. They're trying to "Identify" with YT but you'll never get them to say that. Did you ever wonder why a 350 lb. sow dyes her hair blonde or red? Does she think somebody is going to get the "hots" for her? LOL! thumbsup
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    We need to do a major plumbing job in 2012.

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    at a job i worked at not too long ago, there was a huge fat ass nigger bitch that was the guard at the front gate. she wore a blond wig everyday. it was all cocked to the side, we would get a good laugh every day when we showed up to work.

    she had such a bad attitude, she would give us all a hard time. she would say....


    she looked so stupid with that wig on i wonder if she really thought it looked good or even real.

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    Niggers are totally obsessed with white women's hair, especially the sows, who are insanely jealous and will actually become violent at the sight of beautiful, long hair. They also spend massive amounts of money on skin lighteners and hair straighteners. Black is beautiful=bullshit and even they know it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eve View Post

    Never thought I'd ever see a nigger with two black eyes!

    Dey beez stylin' an' sheet!!
    "NIGGERS SURE ARE FUNNY CRITTERS."(my grandfather)




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