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    Default "Saddest" picture of the century...



    In March 1993 Kevin Carter made a trip to southern Sudan and took this photograph. The picture would later bring him the Pulitzer prize, but also death. The girl had stopped to rest while struggling to reach the refugee camp, nearby a vulture is waiting her to die. It is a horrific picture that gave people a true look at the dire condition in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kevin then came under a lot of scrutiny for spending over 20 minutes setting up the photo instead of helping the child. Three months after taking the photo, he committed suicide.

    What's truly sad is the fact that American niggers aren't right along side their "bruvas" to share in the same fate, most of all I can't believe all the Libtards comments against this guy calling him all kinds of insults!

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    Miss Ann


    That pic has been used in some hilarious photoshops here!

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    The photographer committed suicide rather than live in a world with niggers.

    He tried to warn us.

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    I remember that picture.
    What they didnt show was the other niggers waiting outside the view of the lens, waitng for that kid to die so they could eat it too.
    Dont think that cannibalism doesnt go on in that useles continent.

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    I agree its very sad. Poor bird is so hungry it has to eat a nigger.
    No wildlife should be treated like that.

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    Sad indeed, if the nigger grew up healthy ,it would've made good atleast 50 other bucks.But it wasn't destined to fulfill the status quo...

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    I remember that photo with the caption, "Don't keep the vulture waiting, niglet. Hurry up and die." (or something similar) I never knew the photo itself won a Pulitzer prize. I do hope the vulture had a most satisfying meal.

    @Chicago Chimper - If there were other niggers around, they wouldn't have waited. It isn't the way of the vulture to attack the weak or dying; the vulture prefers to wait. Not so niggers, who always attack the weak and defenseless.
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    You can't have law and order, and filthy niggers too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niggers_suck View Post
    I agree its very sad. Poor bird is so hungry it has to eat a nigger.
    No wildlife should be treated like that.

    The look on its face is saying "dumb photographer thinks I'm actually going to eat it."

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    Sad? I find it hilarious! Dead and dying niggers and niglets always put a smile on my face.
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