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    Default Niggers in my apartment complex.

    Well too make a long story short im moving in june with my new GF. I came home today after picking my son up and it reaks of shit burning. It smells like either firecrackers or matches very strongly from the laundry room.

    This isnt the first time shit like this has happened last year someone arsonned a parking garage destroying like 5 cars in the process I remember watching them blow up with my cousins who where over at the time from a safe distance though this was the complext right next too mine Not sure if any deaths where invovled but the monkeys where all out with there sail phones watching it.

    Then there is all the laundry room incidents.where people are taking other peoples clothing out of the room and going through there shit. Last year also come too think of it someone did light off a pack of ladyfingers inside the hall and left it of now on my side of the building its me and one or two black families that live on the upper floors so I know its fucking one of them.

    I cant afford the apartment assurance so when they do finally burn this place down Im gonna be out of alot of things I busted my ass for june cant come soon enough.

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    We just moved from an apartment building with a few nigs to a nigger free zone. It was so quiet the first couple of nights my wife and I couldn't sleep. Dealing with niggers on a daily basis is tough. I hope you're packing a gun cause you'll need it sooner or later. Anyway good luck. And as my name stands for-Niggers Ruin Everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Rev Dr. Leroy View Post
    I grew up in apartment buildings and complexes. Niggers will destroy ANYWHERE they live. Even if one fambly moves in its over for the entire place.
    Tell me about it. I can hardly wait til we can move away from this nigger invested piss hole of a city.

    It never fails to amaze me the ignorance and audacity of a nigger. Their race is breeding and spreading like a vile parasitic disease producing only destruction within their path and contributing NOTHING!

    N. Niggers
    A. Are
    A. Always
    C. Causing
    P. Problems

    If it walks like a nigger, if it talk like a nigger, if it acts like a nigger, IT IS a nigger!

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    Well, I live in a very very white suburb. The infestation level is currently at code green. There really are not many around here its very rare too see them.

    However out of all the apartments I picked I picked the building with all the nogs in it though alot of them left the coalburner fambly and the cousins of the one family who used too torture me and tried too kill me/ destroying my stuff by leaving the fucking water faucet on a very low setting with the sinks clogged which took about 6 months too build up and luckily for me started going out there former door instead of collapsing the ceiling on us.

    As far as weapons go I do not own any guns but lets just say if anyone attacks me which I doubt as there is maybee one or two bucks left here the rest are sheboons and niglets maybee a teenaper or two.
    My GF and I are in the process of learning martial arts once we aquire some funds and I already know some myself that and her wide array of ninja stuff she has hehehehe.

    One other thing I witnessed one of the sheboons do was leave her 2 really young niglets out in the parkinglot alone once while she took her groceries inside. Im talking like as in toddlers no older than 2.

    But I suppose this is normal. I just do not want too see my boring little town turned into a 3rd world shithole though I suppose it will come as we are very close too cleveland.
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