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    Default 2 niggers get their asses kicked.

    Check out this nigger loving article. These poor innocent niggers "didn' do nuffin' " to provoke anyone. BULLSHIT.
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    But where'a all the boo-hoo-hooing and hand-wringing when niggers savagely assault Humans without any provocation?

    But a couple of niggers get bashed, and it's time for a media witch hunt!
    "Mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfugen BIX NOOD cof bin dub ho muhfugga."

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    Awwwww, isn't that sweet? The media & niggers working together in perfect harmony to "Get YT!!!" This has to be the most putrid piece of niggerloving bullshit I've seen in while!
    It's disgusting! The nigger has learned to use the media. If the roles were reversed, you wouldn't have heard a peep, and the charge would have been "disturbing the peace" for the niggers.

    But it's nice to see some folks doing their part to clean up their town!kkk
    Hey God. *psssst* .....enough with the niggers

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    So the fuck what? If only it happened more often. I'm reposting a link to a video posted in the guest forum of some of the most disgusting and infuriating nigger behavior I've ever seen.
    How about some outrage over this? The poor fucking niggers: so sensitive, so deeply wounded by society's brutality. Fuck 'em. They should be exterminated. This is how it REALLY should have ended:

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    Just a couple more niggers looking for a payday.

    You know this is bullshit because the first thing they did after giving a statement to the police was march their asses over to the local paper are start in on their "poor me" song and dance.

    On a more positive not the picture in the article proves that you can give a nigger a black eye

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    I'm sure that something will come out in the next few days that these niggers were doing something that provoked it. In the meantime, expect lots of guilt-induced self flagellation and hand wringing over the incident by nigger-loving whites. These white kids will be demonised and crucified before all is said and done. I bet that they and thier families receive death threats or are assaulted. Or both.

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    First of all we should send the humans a chimpout shirt and a job well done.
    And go ahead niggers cry me a fuckin river all these poor poor niggers this
    never happens to whites .We never get beat and robbed by niggers.

    Dumbfuckingnigger Should be one word.

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    i loved the picture though. who wouldnt love a beat up nigger?
    Love, S
    Support the Anti-Negro College Fund

    Niggers, the deadlist animal in africa

    Hurrican LoQueisha be headin dis way, pack up yo fotys and head to da local FEMA agency fo yo free sh!t

    niggers suck! heh heh mmm heh!

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    "Something just dropped in me," Bethea said. "It really hurt. I was upset that he had to learn that racial tension and racial hatred still exist in 2008. His belief that all is right with the world is gone. There is no getting it back." *
    Yeah, right you fucking savage!
    And just how many Whites are beaten/robbed/raped/killed by your race each and every year?

    It's just too bad you both were not killed.

    No stop whining and go back to your ghetto.
    You never know when another boot party is coming your way.
    Who Needs Niggers?

    The reason men are silenced is not because they speak falsely, but because they speak the truth. This is because if men speak falsehoods, their own words can be used against them; while if they speak truly, there is nothing which can be used against them -- except force. "Birdman" Bryant
    The Bell Curve

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    But the worst injuries weren't visible.

    As victims of an alleged hate crime, Lee and Mills said they suffered the kind of soul-penetrating wounds that may never completely heal.
    Cry me a river, niggers! It's not like niggers don't assault, rob, rape, and murder white people, now is it? Tell me, when was the last time some shitskins were charged with "hate crimes"? When was the last time we ever saw this concern over "wounded souls" after whites are attacked by groidles of feral niggerbeasts?

    Mills had just one more week of summer vacation before classes resumed at Bloomsburg University, where he is captain of the basketball team. Lee, who graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, N.C., in May, wanted to show his childhood friend a good time before he went back to school.

    Duded up in designer clothing, they spent Thursday night clubbing ( ) in Old City. They finished the evening at Moda Lounge, a hip place on Chestnut Street known for speciality cocktails ( ) and a big dance floor ( ). At about 2 a.m., they walked along Market Street, looking to catch a cab home. The streets were peppered with weary partyers. Suddenly, at 5th and Market streets, Lee and Mills said that they spotted about six or seven white men chasing a black man.
    Their TNB must have been especially nasty to provoke a boot party.

    The streets were peppered with weary partyers. Suddenly, at 5th and Market streets, Lee and Mills said that they spotted about six or seven white men chasing a black man.

    " 'Get back here, n-----,' " one yelled, according to Lee and Mills. " 'We gonna get you, n-----.' "

    One of the white guys took a swing at the black guy, and Mills said that he yelled out something like, "Yo, they're jumping that black guy!"

    The pack of white males turned their attention to Mills and Lee, while the guy they were chasing took off toward Penns Landing and disappeared.

    "That's when they came running towards us and said, 'You f------ n------,' " Lee said.

    One guy took a swing at Mills, striking him in the shoulder. Mills said he threw a punch and another guy joined the fight. Lee stepped in to help Mills, and three other white guys pounced. Some wielded two-by-fours. The wooden planks sliced Lee's face, according to Mills and Lee.

    The street was filled with people and no one said anything about this? I don't buy it. Captain Bassabawl probably "thought" he could get away with anything, and antagonized the wrong white folks. Well, good for them in trying to teach these coons some manners.

    We should be seeing more of these sorts of stories. Especially in niggerfuxated Philly where you can't rely on Pee Cee hobbled police to protect what few whites remain from these wild animals. 'Bout damn time whites started defending what's theirs.

    If we judged them by the content of their character, they'd be begging us to judge them by the color of their skin



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