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  1. obama bans snakes but not wahabists
  2. obama's latest move to destroy the banking system
  3. obama sings marxist lullabye-to destroy usa
  4. obongo fuckups
  5. obama underwrites offshore drilling just not in the usa
  6. Now Obongo wants a deficit commission, but won't do anything until november
  7. Obama uses teleprompters during speech at an elementary school
  8. Obama now wants to bribe the middle class
  9. how the japanese see nigbama
  10. Obama rooting for mostly nigger Saints over Colts (2nd whitest team in NFL)..
  11. Obama's aspirin factory
  12. bankers unite against obama & brown world regulations
  13. obama i didnt dooz nuffin congress did it
  14. keeping tabs on obama investigative journalism alive in uk
  15. Obama to cancel US Manned Space Program
  16. Obama refers to himself 132 times in one speech
  17. Indonesia mulls tearing down Obongo statue
  18. Obama to call on repeal of don't ask don't tell
  19. Alito Winces As Obongo Slams Supreme Court Ruling
  20. After Obama rips on lobbyists, he then calls them to private meetings
  21. Yes we can!
  22. Like any nigger Obongo loves to throw around $ that WE haven't got
  23. Chimpelle puts niglets on diet
  24. Nigbama doesn't want to fund the space program.
  25. Obama to unveil $3.8T budget, $25B going to troubled states
  26. LOL. Nigbama bows to mayor of Tampa Fl.
  27. Nigbama makes first transgender appointment.
  28. HNICUS to visit kanga's country
  29. China warns HNIC against Dalai Lama meeting.
  30. Chinese diplomat: "Ties between China and US have deteriorated since Obama."
  31. Slush fund written into Obama's new budget
  32. Everyone needs to watch this vid.!
  33. Obama bashes Las Vegas... Again
  34. HNIC Niggernomics. 1.5 Trillion in debt beez responsible an sheeit.
  35. the ivans say give obama a chance??WTF?
  36. Obongo's Auntie Faces Deportation!!!
  37. Nigbama surrendering control of the internet to foreign nations.
  38. What a great and intelligent commander in chief it is
  39. obama makes mockery of own lobbyist promises again
  40. Obongo's honeymoon is over
  41. Surprise! Obama boosts funds for traditionally nigger colleges
  42. What the hell?
  43. Nigger Obama's Illegal Auntie Still Freeloading
  44. Obama plans A televised meeting, attempts to pass blame to Repubs
  45. Nigbama still wants NYC trials.
  46. Jigabama does something right (!)
  47. everything you want to know about obama aka soetero
  48. Investigators dispute Obongo attended Columbia Univ.
  49. Obama: No "reasonable expectation of privacy" when it comes to tracking cell phones
  50. Thanks to our glorious savior, America now has a debt ceiling of $14.3T
  51. Supernigger
  52. barry obama lies obama debt to crush usa and soon ala greece
  53. Nigbama continues to surrender America to the muzzies.
  54. Kenya Knows it's True. The MSM Ignores.
  55. Indonesian statue of Obama as a turdlet moved
  56. the obama deception
  57. CBS Has a Obongo Poll. Vote NOW!!
  58. Obongo goes nuclear
  59. ivans give obama a chance wtf thet love niggahs now???
  60. Anyone seen Dossier2.MP4
  61. Official: Obama outspends FDR
  62. obama regeime eye western land grab
  63. Obama admin will have your home weatherized for only $57,362.
  64. barry tells another nativity story lie
  65. Obongo Treason Trial Set for May 14th
  66. obama goes nuclear-update
  67. obama & his plans to disarm usa
  68. Yay! $1.5B in housing help! Homage to our Lord Obama!!
  69. Obongo administration to rename War in Iraq
  70. Obongo to set up national monuments to block oil and coal exploration
  71. Obama spells out new health plan, process bypasses Repubs
  72. Obama meets with the Dali Lama, pisses EVERYONE off
  73. And the beat goes on....
  74. Nigbama discusses policy with....SHAKIRA????
  75. Prezimudent Erkle caught breaking Federal law...no shit
  76. Obama plans on building new $1B embassy in London
  77. I beez duh prezudent...n sheeit
  78. Lord zero may ban home loan foreclosures without HAMP review
  79. Haitians Sport Obama Bling
  80. 23,000 more layoffs due to Obunghole
  81. Lord Obewon signs extension of Patriot Act
  82. Newports, Kools...or blunts?
  83. farrakoon yt beez picking on obama dis beez rayciss n sheet
  84. More students dropping out of school, more money spent by the Zero
  85. Chris Matthews: Obama must summon all his 'Music and Magic' to pass Welfcare.
  86. Osambo considering "High Road" policy that favor's Union construction
  87. Apparently, Osambo has officially called for straight up or down vote on commiecare
  88. Offical: Obama to call on "nuclear option" for passage of healthcare grab
  89. obama land grab to block/oil gas access destroy jobs
  90. scary video of most frequest communist wh visitor obama allie andy stern
  91. video obama coaught lip synching speech
  92. obama pet human gibbs-whatever it takes for healthcare
  93. obama knows best force health care despite will of the people
  94. Obama caught red handed working w/lobbyists big wind, lying to american people
  95. Here we go again. Obama considering illegal alien legalization.
  96. Osambo appoints SEIU head to his so-called "Deficit Panel"
  97. WAPO-obama beez einstein n sheet
  98. End of the road for obama-i hope
  99. the world of obama bodyguards
  100. video the great reneger emphasis on last syllable listen
  101. Obama vilifies insurance industry, punishes them with $336B profit
  102. Barry Soetoro Worried More About Socializing America Than Creating Jobs
  103. obama judge nominee supported sexual serial killer
  104. Obama has high cholesterol
  105. Obama...the lowest of the low
  106. Obama will not be awarded an Order of Australia, says Aussie Prime Minister
  107. obama-no off shore drilling while he beez the prez n sheeyt
  108. video obama-fall of the republic long
  109. obama commie tactic-planned destruction
  110. Obama lackey Geithner, criminal.
  111. Obumbles: Polls do not reflect the people
  112. NY Times: Nigbama stuffs face with chicken despite cholesterol problems (photo_)
  113. Obama in favor of taking DNA samples upon arrest
  114. One of Obama's judicial nominee's....a champion of sexual predators
  115. The chubby boy with the curly hair
  116. Obama invited to give second Gettysburg address
  117. fox video-obama says la. purchase will help w/hawaiian earthquake???
  118. obama surrenders gulf oil to moscow
  119. health care "procedural spat" does'nt worry barry obama
  120. Osambo's healthcare pitch: "fate of his prezimuhdency on the line."
  121. Osambo endorses illegal alien legalization blueprint
  122. oboonga thumbs its nose at Australia and cancels its 24 hour visit for later this mo.
  123. obama's betrayal of britain may cause 2d falklands war
  124. fucking barry obama backs plan to legalize illegals
  125. Oniggers Kiss Of Death
  126. Obama set for media blitz to drum up support for Obongocare
  127. Obumbles snuffs Netanyahu for dinner
  128. Sambo is sparking road rage
  129. Government Court Brief Backs Race-Based Admissions
  130. Commrade Zed attempts to bribe conservatives with some oil drilling
  131. Zero king of all to buy first 100 Chevy Volts
  132. The Holy Negro proclaims: "I work at home, and you should too!"
  133. Lord Commrade the virtual Christian
  134. obama & its private army are law-buried deep in the health care bill
  135. obama plans to rule for 10 years or so-video-he said it
  136. Obiwon lord of all admits new fuel efficiency standards will raise cost of cars
  137. Obama care purpose is redistribution of wealth
  138. obama calls out thugs-get in your neighbors face
  139. NiggerObama on Confederate History Month: "Dat's RAYCISSS!"
  140. White House to Media: Don't Report What You Discover About Fraud on Obama's Resume
  141. NiggerObama Stresses Kwanzza Virtues
  142. Income falls 3.2% during Obongo's term
  143. Nigbama thinks we should thank him.
  144. Obunghole Not a U.S. Citizen Says Mayor of Champaign, IL
  145. Gaddafi Praises Obongo's Muslim Descent
  146. Nigbama pussies out of Poland visit.
  147. Lord Zero pushing for voting rights for the District of Columbia
  148. Obama takes US nuclear arsenal off of the table.
  149. Obama's down lowing called into question
  150. Osambo skips Polish Pres. funeral. Plays golf.
  151. Obumbles already laying the groundwork for a VAT tax
  152. iPad vs ObamaPad
  153. obama proposes the VAT
  154. Osambo lays out demands for financial reform. Sky is falling again.
  155. Nigbama chimps out about AZ immigration law.
  156. Osambo marks anniversary of genocide without calling it a genocide
  157. Barry sends in the clowns n sheet
  158. obama plays race card-surprise surprise
  159. Dc knows obama ineligible to be president
  160. obama liberalism and the bottom line
  161. obama debt panel or tax hike screen??
  162. Is obama fomenting a race war??????
  163. Obama to send SWAT teams to oil rigs
  164. 7 lies in under 2 minutes
  165. did obama have a muh dikk incident??
  166. Giggles the Clown tells jokes as America implodes.
  167. Obama to provide detailed listing of entire US nuclear arsenal.
  168. obama the race baitor
  169. Chicago Law Univ says Bongo is lazy, unqualified and dumb
  170. Obama talks about his Muslim Faith
  171. new manning video obama treason trial
  172. Osambo admin freaks out over PR nightmare over spill
  173. Lord Zero admin plan to seize 401(k) plans?
  174. White House drops "In the year of our lord" to not offend Jewish proclamation
  175. Left shocked by Lord Obiwon's immigration hedge
  176. Commodore Zed urges Hawaii to vote in Dims
  177. Obummer with a light skinned monkey vera?
  178. Obumbles biggest recipient of BP cash
  179. obama stands with muzzies as promised
  180. obama chastizes arizona in cinco de mayo
  181. greece now usa tommorrow under obama
  182. NY weekly apologizes for Obongos as sitcom actors
  183. Smart Dog Won't Eat Obongo Treats~~~Video
  184. Obama is a liar as well as a communist
  185. questionable obama awards
  186. the prez who cried lone wolf
  187. Kenyan Muzzie deploys riot police to intimidate human Tea Partiers
  188. Stupid negrobama chimp can't pronounce "corpsman"
  189. Obama using Connecticut Soc. Sec. Number
  190. Michelle Obama: Food Profiteer Turned Food Cop
  191. 9 indicted on charges of accessing Obongo records
  192. Even bees hate bongo
  193. just in - soetoro's aunt Zeituny is granted asylum
  194. Nigbama sides with Mexico against US.
  195. Chimpelle's dress beez rayseest
  196. Obumbles decrees new fuel standards, completely bypasses Congress.
  197. Obama begins negotiations on establishing regulations on conventional weapons sales
  198. Obama decides to begin pre-announcing secret US missile and satellite launches
  199. Obama pledges to shape "new international order."
  200. Was 0bama on the DL with Kumar?
  201. Osambo seeks new power over shaping budgets
  202. Obongo Broadcasts From Fambly Reunion (Video)
  203. Osambo taking second vacation since oil spill
  204. Osambo sending 1,200 National Guard troops to Mexican border
  205. "Thin skinned" Nigbama should "take a valium" says Sen.
  206. HNIC skips Memorial Day at Arlington.
  207. nigger Obongo on verge of chimpout over oil spill
  208. More fun and games from the shitskin in chief..
  209. Pastor Manning takes matters into his own hands..
  210. Head chimp puppet says official statement coming shortly in Sestak probe
  211. Obongo skipping Memorial day
  212. Commadore Zero extends moratorium on arctic, deepwater drilling
  213. Obama on verge of massive land theft-millions of acres
  214. HNIC attempts Memorial Day speech, gets rained out.
  215. First sheboon makes latina kid cry
  216. Onigger proclaims LGBT pride month. Vows to repeal Defense of Marriage Act.
  217. Osambo administration talked about jobs with another Dem rival
  218. Nigbama heckled on bus. (Video).
  219. Obama time line on spill
  220. Captain Urkle supports lifting of whaling ban. Enviros pissed.
  221. Osambo times 'tele-townhall' to the mailing of seniors' rebate checks
  222. Time BEEZ Running Out Fo' Nigger Obongo
  223. Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers talks about "ass kicking"
  224. Double Standard.
  225. Obongo a member of a down low club in Chimpcongo
  226. Pact act
  227. Now that he's broke us, Obumbles to give $400 million in aid to Palestinians.
  228. obama wastes millions of $$ on self indulgence
  229. when allk that hope and change turns malignant
  230. Breaking: Tim Adams, HI Elections Clerks in '08: NigObama Wasn't Born in Hawaii
  231. obama summons head of BP to white house
  232. Vote on the CBS News Obongo Poll...now!
  233. FUCK YOU Nigger!!!!
  234. Nigger controlled White House works to ease US sanctions on Iran
  235. Oilbama too busy campaigning to attend service for Deep Water Horizon victims
  236. President Tar Baby: Dem Guff Skrimps beez all safe an sheeit.
  237. Zero Compares Gulf Disaster like 9/11
  238. Article: What's Wrong With Obama
  239. Iowa Republican: Obongo favors niggers over Whites
  240. Nigger in chief, BP stock impact and enviros
  241. Obongos oil speach
  242. Chimp in Chief Drives By "Where's the Birth Certificate?" Sign on Gulf Tour
  243. Obummer hits all-time low in the polls!
  244. video obama's private army in his own words
  245. Obama tries to get usa to committ suicide
  246. $1.2 Billion....on biking and walking efforts. Thanks Oilbama.
  247. Obama & company giving away usa piece by piece
  248. nigger obama breaks promise to arizona governor
  249. NiggerObama Approval Rating Reaches All Time Low - 41% Approve, 58% Disapprove
  250. Ize Beez Obongo,Indonesian Pot SMOKAH Gnomesayinz?